What We Are Eating This Weekend!

This last week of cereal for our evening meal has been eyeopening, to say the least. Flyfour has claimed he has more energy, I say I've fixed my internal "full or not" level thingy (a couple of times this week I have genuenly not wanted to eat in the evening as I was too full), Top Ender is quite happy with her "not milk", milk and Dan Jon wants to know if February is over yet, because he is already bored and wants a "proper meal".

Dan Jon is therefore incredibly glad that it is already the weekend.

Dan Jon ready for some of what he calls real food!

Saturday - Freezer Meals

So, there are lots of one portion meals in the freezer which we're going to use up some of this evening. I have a feeling that Flyfour and I are going to exert our power and have the Chicken dishes that are hanging out in the freezer (despite my plan to become Pescetarian in the next couple of weeks, meh maybe I'll be Pollo-Pescetarian who occasionally eats bacon and doesn't get upset over it) and I bet Tops will pick a curry, whilst Dan Jon opts for a Lasagne!

The best bit about it all? Writing this just reminded me we have frozen garlic bread slices in the freezer, which I may have just accidentally put in the oven...

Sunday - Steak Pie and Mash

Flyfour and I love hanging out in Supermarkets.

I know it's a weird hobby.

Whilst we were in one on Friday night, Flyfour was eager to have a Steak Pie and so we decided that's what we'd have as a family this Sunday. We decided to go with Pie and Mash, with Carrots and as we have some dairy-free yoghurt, we'd have that as our dessert with some raspberry coulis.

No, you're drooling.

So that's what we're eating this weekend. What about you?