A Small Gesture Of Thanks

On Friday, one of the Teachers from the school I work at as a Receptionist came to find me at the Reception desk. She was unsure if I was in, or if like many of our colleagues I had needed to socially distance myself (because of Dan Jon) or go into self-isolation because of that thing-that-everyone-is-talking-about-at-the-moment-that-I'm-not-sure-I-want-to-actually-mention-again-because-I'm-so-over-it...

The reason she had wanted to find me was, as the Government had said what many of us had thought, that Schools should be closed she wasn't sure when she'd see me again and before we possibly went our separate ways for a while, she had got me a gift as a "small token of her appreciation". Well, at least that was how she put it.

A Gerbera and Card as a gesture of thanks

I was honestly so blown away by this simple gesture, just as I am by several other members of staff who seem to be my own personal cheerleading squad, letting me know I'm doing a fabulous job or that they appreciate what I do for them or their department.

The thing is, I'm just doing my job. I've no idea if I'm any good or not really because imposter syndrome is a very real thing for me and I'm sure that I'm doing a rubbish job, but just very good at pretending that I'm not!

I don't expect gifts, especially from our overworked and underappreciated teachers, or to have constant reassurances that I'm fabulous (I mean, it's nice, but you know) but I was very pleased to accept this from the teacher as it was my favourite flower and because this member of staff is an absolute delight to be around and I like to help her!

This simple gesture (and not a cheap one, I've seen this plant in Waitrose!) meant so much to me and gave me a much-needed boost this last weekend and has given me a great hope of being able to continue to help lift spirits as I continue at work supporting the staff whilst they are looking after the children of key workers in the local area.

I'm not suggesting that you go out and buy a gift to give a keyworker or someone supporting a keyworker, but I do think that just saying thank you will give a boost that might help them during this difficult and uncertain time.

Let me know how you get on!