What We Are Eating W/C 28th March 2020

I honestly think it is amazing how everyone in their own respective local areas is pulling together to help those in need in their communities. I've volunteered to help with a local group that has been set up through the local COE Church, I've put notes in the doors of the people I believe to be vulnerable in our street offering phone calls, chats through the window or collecting of shopping. My Mum has had neighbours do the same, even notes offering her toilet roll if she needs it!

Then of course, there was the clap that was heard all across the UK on Thursday night. It was so emotional hearing the love from all over the country.

Thank you Britain, for showing the community spirit that I always knew was there.

Saturday Lunch - Homemade Cheat Pizza

I might just really cheat and give the children a wrap with tomato sauce and cheese on, well fake vegan cheese for Top Ender, or we might make up some simple dough. I honestly have no idea at this point!

Saturday Evening - Pasta with Chicken Roll

I purchased a pack of Chicken Roll ham the day the children were last in school. The plan was we'd eat it in sandwiches in the week, but the children used the sandwiches that were in the freezer because we didn't have bread. So I thought we'd use it up tonight and I'll get Flyfour to make some Garlic bread Naan bread to go with the meal.

Sunday Lunch - Lamb Chops with Mash Potatoes

Hopefully, when we collect our shopping from the supermarket there will be some lamb chops for us. If not, well then we'll just cry a bit and then work out what we're going to eat and rearrange the entire week of meals too.

Sunday - Beans on Toast

We purchased a tonne of Baked Beans before Covid-19 was even a thing, and well despite me having very strong opinions on them we'll offer them tonight to those who want them.

Monday Lunch - Noodles

I'll actually be at work, so Top Ender will make this for Dan Jon and her. I may be kind and boil some eggs up for them to add to their lunch, but then again I might not because I might forget!

Monday - Cheesy Wedges

We have a nice big bag of potatoes to use, so I figure some lovely yummy wedges with some cheese and possibly some onion and peppers spread across the top would be lovely. I mean we could even use some of the sauce from Saturday evening to make them Dirty Cheesy Wedges... Now there's a thought!

Tuesday Lunch - Bacon Turnovers

Hopefully, if all went well, I managed to get some gluten-free puff pastry at the weekend and we'll have bacon turnovers today to celebrate. If we didn't then we'll have a bacon sandwich and if we're still sad then we'll just have to remember that bacon is the answer.

Tuesday - Oven Baked Chicken and Rice

I really am not keen on rice, but I'll eat it tonight because hopefully, it'll taste buttery, garlicky and a bit like chicken too! We'll serve it with green beans and I'll try to remember to put some spinach in with the rice.

Wednesday Lunch - Chips

Chips! Chips! Chips! Chips! Did I mention by the way, that we're having chips?

Wednesday - Beans on Toast

Unlike Sunday night, there will be either a slice of bacon or a maybe even a sausage each to go with the beans and toast, depending on how the shop went at the weekend!

Thursday Lunch - Soup

There are a few cans of soup in the cupboard that the children are going to hate, but guess what they aren't going to hate? Not going hungry!

Thursday - Fishcakes and Chips

There is a leftover bag of fish pie mix in the freezer, so I'm going to be brave and make some fishcakes. Everyone (apart from Dan Jon and I) will complain, but if they don't like it they don't have to eat it... but if they don't eat it there is nothing else for them!

Friday Lunch - Noodles

I won't be here, as I'll be at work again. So, I'll ask the children to make noodles again, because they love them!

Friday - Lentil Curry

I'm actually not sure what recipe I'll be using, but I have an idea and so will hunt out a few recipes this week and then use those to refine my idea. Again I'll get Flyfour to make some Naan Bread because the man is amazing.

So hopefully, this is what we are going to be eating this week. Who knows though, in this current topsy-turvey world it could be a week of beans and mash for us.