Tidying Up The Garden

As it was such lovely weather last weekend, Flyfour and I thought we should get up and going on the garden as we had a few chores we would like to do. We had originally said that we would do these plans if we were thrown into lockdown by the Government and so were prepared, plus our plans were super simple, wash and varnish the deck, give all the planters a paint, mow the lawn, sand and paint the garden furniture and if we had the energy get to weeding in preparation for the topsoil we were having delivered.

Little did we know that a little over 48 hours later, we would actually be on a lockdown ordered by the government, but it has been lovely this last week to be out in the garden when we've not been working that is, as we are both in positions where we count as key workers even though we're not very sure that is correct!

A panorama of the garden yesterday in the sunshine

Whilst Flyfour cut the grass and did all the edges nicely, I started sanding down furniture. It was actually a really fun job, although did make me realise that we do need to buy some new garden furniture as the recliners were gifted to us from my Mum and Dad's home and are at least twenty years old and well they are held together with extra screws, nails and knowing my Dad a few swear words.

We knew it was a big ask to have the children help us all day and possibly again on Sunday if we didn't get finished, but we asked them to come and help for between thirty and sixty minutes each at some point during the day. We were a little heavy on the guilt with a reminder that we expected everyone in the family to pull their weight to help with chores, but it worked and both children came and helped to paint the planters, but not for a minute longer than the minimum thirty minutes.

It was a really lovely time spent together, working on something that we could control and yes, I may have made a TikTok video but that was just some fun and I'm sure I won't be making lots more...