Main Meals W/C 7th March 2020

Eating Gluten and Dairy-free is a little annoying if I'm honest. There are so many meals that we'd like to eat, but well the ingredients don't lend themselves too well to it. Gluten-free pasta fro a Lasagne is all well and good if covered with a creamy white sauce and plenty of cheese, but dairy-free/vegan alternatives? Not so great, as in my personal opinion they smell almost as bad as they taste! On top of this, this week we are eating carb free for a few meals, I mean just four times, and all in an effort to test Dan Jon's Basal rates as something always goes to pot when we've just the one meal that is carb-free.

So, here is the plan for this week.

A display of Cheese, Very much not Dairy-free

Saturday Lunch - Sausage Rolls and Beans

Flyfour wanted to make Sausage Rolls this weekend, which I was all up for because Flyfour is fab at cooking and I'd even let him have the beans because it pleases him and the children (even if it causes me great distress because beans are rubbish!)

Saturday Evening Meal - Chicken and Chorizo Rice Bake with Salad

We got this from Costco, before it seems half of Milton Keynes turned up trying to bulk buy supplies, as Flyfour and I had noticed it a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be a great family meal. We're serving it with Salad (also from Costco!) to bulk it out and possibly having lemon cake slices after... but it depends if Flyfour and Top Ender eat all their gluten-free, dairy-free versions before then!

Sunday Lunch - Sunday Roast with Giant Yorkshire Puddings

Top Ender and Dan Jon are having this in Giant Yorkshire Puddings, at Top Ender's request. Flyfour picked a nice Chicken that he's going to roast and then it's going to be accompanied with plenty of vegetables and if I ask very nicely at least a zillion roast potatoes.

Sunday Evening Meal - Ribs

Carb free, milk-free, gluten-free and quite tasty! Oh, and dead simple and quite light because we've had a huge meal at lunchtime. And as it is carb-free, Dan Jon, Flyfour and I will be watching Dan Jon's blood sugar levels very carefully!

Monday - Omelette

The second of our carb-free meals this week. I've spoken with Dan Jon and he's asked for his Omelette to have cheese, chicken, a little cherry tomato (or two) a very small amount of spinach and onion. Again, we'll be watching Dan Jon's blood sugar levels overnight and if last night went well, possibly looking to see if the changes we've made are working.

Tuesday - Nachos

Flyfour has agreed to cook tonight, so he's making some beefy Nachos, with plenty of cheese (dairy-free for Top Ender), guac for me, sour cream (including dairy-free for Top Ender), salsa and anything else we are after including.

Wednesday - Chicken and Salad

Dan Jon is on his own tonight, whilst Top Ender and I go to Brownies. We've left a plate made up for him, of Salad and Chicken so that he can have another carb-free night and maybe this time we'll be able to get the whole thing right and check Dan Jon's blood sugar levels.

Thursday - Sausages and Jacket Potatoes

This is to apologise to Dan Jon for tomorrow night, he really doesn't like the Salmon meal we have planned, so I've given him something he does like... Carbs! Hopefully, I'll remember to put the slow cooker on with the potatoes before we go to school and I can quickly grill up some sausages when we're home.

Friday - Sticky Pan-Fried Salmon

I will marinate the Salmon in honey and soy sauce, along with some chopped spring onions and a little ginger or garlic depending on my mood Friday morning! I'll serve with some peppers, red onion, spinach and courgette and we'll see if it is low carb enough for Dan Jon to do his final test of the week.

So, that's what we should be eating this week, but it'll probably turn out to be a complete farce and we'll all end up eating ready meals and noodles instead!