Meal Plans W/C 21st March 2020

So, our meal plans this week are based on what we have in the cupboard, freezer and fridge. As I'm sure you are finding the shops are empty and so it's getting harder to buy, well anything! Thankfully, we practice Food Storage in our home and so have ingredients that will make meals that whilst may not be our favourites, but also are food which I've mentioned a few times to the children that they are going to have to get used to eating, as it's what we'll be living on until the UK gets itself back on track and lets the Supermarkets have some blinking food in!

A Bag of Oranges from Costco

Saturday - Chicken Curry and Rice

Flyfour has said he'd make us some Naan Breads to go with our Curry, which is jolly lovely of him.

Sunday - Honey Baked Gammon

We had planned on having family come today, but we've suggested that it would be more sensible to be responsible and socially distance ourselves from our more at-risk family members. We're still totally having the Baked Gammon that we were planning on serving and even though it's Mother's Day I'm cooking because I actually really want to.

Monday - Veggie Chilli and Rice

I said to Flyfour I wanted to make a few "odd" meals, and that isn't quite true because this isn't an odd meal really, it's just that it's not something the children are going to be happy about having. I think that the take away from this whole Covid-19 thing for me is that maybe the children should get used to having more of the food from our storage in case of emergencies!

Tuesday - Hot Dogs with Fries

This is sort of to make up for last night and tomorrow night, which the children have already turned their nose up at. We have Hot Dog rolls, we have Hot Dogs and we have some chips. Hopefully, everyone will love this enough to forgive me for tomorrow.

Wednesday - Tuna Crumble With Mash

So, I'm going to mix tuna with green beans and onion, some white sauce and possibly some potato if I need to bulk the meal out a bit more and then add a crumble topping, before serving with mash. I actually think this will taste nice, but the rest of the family keep looking at me as if I'm crazy.

Thursday - I dunno

So I'm really not sure what we are going to be eating today. If Flyfour is around then we will have something like Pasta or Fishcakes or something that we can all eat. If Flyfour isn't around then we are going to have Noodles, which I'll add some peas, a boiled egg and some spinach!

Friday - Frozen Ready Meal

Before the world went crazy, there was a deal in the paper that you could go and spend a certain amount of money in Iceland and you'd get so much money off. So Flyfour and I went and got a load of Ready Meals, which at the time we planned for Dan Jon to cook when I wasn't here on a Wednesday night... but well now I'm here every night and we figured we'd all share... so we are!