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Saturday, 6 February 2016

What We Are Eating W/C 6th February 2016

A full week of Fish dishes. If you haven't read my post on why we're eating fish every day in February (apart from on Mondays) then have a look here and maybe let me know some of your favourite fish dishes using different types of fish!

Saturday - Crab Linguine

I love Crab, I have done since I was quite little and you could often find me in Cromer buying Fresh Crabs caught that morning with my Grandparents.

I've planned on only adding a little crab to the dish because it's just introducing everyone else to Crab, but it'll have garlic, onion and possibly tomatoes and a tiny amount of chilli.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Don't Lean Back! #Review

Every week at Church, after the Sacrament service has finished, I go to the primary end of the building. This is where the Children go after the service for their Sunday School lessons and I'm lucky enough to get to teach them during Sharing Time, and sing with them during Singing Time and just generally hang out with them.. although I'm sure really I'm supposed to be setting a positive example not one of I'm just a big kid!


Every week without fail I tell at least three Children to stop rocking back on their chair and I'm sure there are three times as many who I either don't see, or who stop rocking because I've told one of the others to stop!

It drives me crazy and always has done.

My Royal Family - #WordlessWednesday #Linky

Daddy, Top Ender and Big Boy. My Royal Family. And yes, that is a Dalek in the background!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Funny Moments - January 2016

Every so often I share on Facebook, short tales of funny moments that have happened in my life.

I apparently live in a British Sitcom.

These things are things that do not warrant a full blog post, but I've decided that I'll collect them together in a blog post and post once every few months so that we'll never forget these stories which make us laugh so much and hopefully will make you laugh too!

A Month of Instagram Images from PippaDAMR

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Big Boy was feeling a little obstructed and so he was off to sit in the bathroom for a bit to help see if he could move things along.

I knew that he could be in there for a while, so suggested he might want to take his Tablet with him. He could set it up on the clothes hamper and continue to watch his Video.

BB declined stating;

Monday, 1 February 2016

Why I Will Continue Posting on Facebook About Going To The Gym

A while back, someone I'm friends with on Facebook posted a meme picture stating that it is possible for people to go to the gym without posting about it on Facebook.

I took offence.


Well, because when I go to the gym I tend to update my Facebook or Twitter status with a "I've been to the gym" or even post a post workout Selfie to my Instagram account... which links to both my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A Post Work Out Selfie, the day I almost fed off the Tredmill

And why do I do this?