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Monday, 27 February 2017

I Fought The Bogeyman!

I'm not sure why a childhood fear of the dark came back when I was pregnant with Dan Jon Jr, but it did. Actually, that's not true. I'm not actually afraid of the dark, no the truth is I am afraid of being alone in the dark and all the evil terrible secrets it holds. Last October, BuzzFeed had an article where people shared statements that became truer the more you thought about them. I didn't get past the first one when I realised.

I'm not afraid of being alone in the dark. I'm afraid that I'm not alone in the dark.

For me, it's the fear that the bogeyman is hiding in the shadows, or really that he is standing at the bottom of my stairs behind the door curtain that we hung as part modesty measure (our front door has a large glass window next to our half front glass door) and part energy saving measure (the aforementioned huge glass parts of the front door).

Saturday, 25 February 2017

What We Are Eating W/C 25th February 2017

Last Saturday was our first day on the new healthy eating plan that Flyfour and I agreed we needed to follow. We had got up super early to clean the chapel, along with two friends of mine, and we were really good and stuck with what we were supposed to be having with breakfast... sort of. I missed half of my breakfast as we didn't have any fruit or yoghurts in the house (it was the end of half term, our fridge was empty!) and Flyfour didn't have any fruit added to his cereal. I did notice about mid-morning that I was feeling hungry, but I put it down to boredom and got on with my chores and it wasn't until I was looking at the meal plan a few days later that I realised I'd short-changed myself!

The meals for the rest of the week were as good as we'd hoped, leaving us fuller for longer but I won't know if I've lost weight until I pop to Tesco later on this morning as depending how I stand on my bathroom scales, I can make myself up to two stone lighter.

PippaD with a Snapchat Bunny Filter. Why? Well why not.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Why Doesn't The Postman Love Me?

We decided that we were going to have a PJ day during the half term and generally just chill out. There wouldn't be any housework, there wouldn't be any guilt if we spent all day on the consoles, or watching Netflix. All I had to do was remind the children to drink plenty of water and having made up some packed lunches and suitable snacks, they were able to feed themselves as and when they wanted to.

The children were playing a console game together and they were being rather loud, so I had taken myself back upstairs to my room to watch Netflix and actually be able to hear what I was watching!

So all was going well. I had my really scruffy PJ's on, with the really baggy top and I hadn't brushed my hair and my horrid rash was being horrid and bright red and cruddy looking. All I was missing was a face pack and rollers in my hair to finish off the "I don't care" look.

PippaD's hair doing what it wants

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Another case of Pityriasis Rosea!

Last October Top Ender came down with a case of Pityriasis Rosea. I'd never heard of it and after about a month and a half, the rash disappeared, which was quite lucky, as Top Ender had had enough of the itching after just a few hours.

Then, you know when I was ill the other week? Well, I thought I was so sick because I had a really bad cold. I actually said I thought it was Man Flu because I was so sick. Honestly, looking back now I can see that the few weeks before I became ill I was coming down with something because I was just so run down and as I mentioned I was putting myself last.

PippaD (aka me) looking and feeling all poorly

Monday, 20 February 2017

The Pinterest Problem

A few weeks back, whilst watching TV with my husband, a beautiful building was shown. I said something along the lines of;

"Wow! That place is beautiful! I'd love to get married there. I'll have to find it online so I can add it to my Pinterest board."

My husband turned to look at me and gave me a quizzical stare, bordering on an accusation of stupidity.

"Pippa. We ARE married" he emphasised to me.

Flyfour and PippaD on their wedding day

And so returning his look because, Duh! I know he and I are married, I was there! So, I showed him my Pinterest wedding board, handily titled

"If I had got Married after Pinterest had been invented"