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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Summer Activities at Frosts Garden Centre #Review

One of my favourite places to go during the holidays with the children is Frosts Garden Centre. Our local branch is in Woburn Sands, a short distance away from our home in Milton Keynes and every holiday it has some fab activities on for the children to enjoy.

Summer Activities at Frosts Garden Centre

We were asked if we'd like to pop down to experience the new Beach first hand and also to try our hand at painting our own money boxes, of course we said yes and after taking Dotty (my Mum's cat) to the vets and having some lunch with my Mum, we popped off to the Garden Centre.

We knew where to go for the Paint Your Own Moneybox session, as we guessed it would be in the Party room where we had painted Bird Boxes earlier this year. We were enthusiastically greeted, directed down the fun and colourfully decorated corridor, where we met an enthusiastic helper who was so much fun.

colourfully decorated corridor

Top Ender had decided to paint a pig and Big Boy a dinosaur and whilst they happily sat side by side painting they were given some chocolate and a drink and were more than happy with me bouncing around to the music and naming Marvel Superhero characters that were on the wall.

Big Boy and Top Ender painting

We had a brilliant time and the piggy banks are now in pride of place on the Fireplace in the living room ready for regular deposits to be made over the Summer Holidays.

If you live near a Frosts Garden Centre, check out what your local branch has on this Summer for your family to enjoy and if you're from the Milton Keynes area like me then remember to book up your sessions at £5.99 per child for the next few weeks and maybe we'll see you there!

We were given free access to this activity, but I've paid for the activities for the rest of the Summer as we always have so much fun doing them.
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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Top Ender's Own Unique Style

I was never really into clothes, make up and different hair styles. Top Ender however is different. She is into clothes and make up and different hair styles and for the most part I respect that and her choices. I let her wear what she wants within reason, I let her accessorise and do her hair in styles that are questionable to say the least!

For the last few months, actually almost an entire year, Top Ender has been after me to let her dye her hair. Each time that Top Ender has asked me I've said No. I've had a millions reasons. You're only nine (well ten now), you can't have your hair like that for School, you can't really have pink hair unless you're a cartoon character.

I've tried to reason with her and come up with a compromise that suits us both. You can have your hair cut into a different style, you can have tips in the Summer, you can  have it coloured with food colouring. We'll get clip in coloured extensions.

Until last night.

Yesterday I gave in and we dyed her hair purple and pink.

It was a way to mark the start of the summer and hopefully by the end of the Summer, when Tops is about to go back to School it will have faded enough/washed out that she's back to normal and if not we'll dye her hair brown until it grows out!

Of course right now, Top Ender thinks I'm the best parent in the world for not only letting her do this, but helping her to do it.

I didn't do it because I wanted to be the cool parent. I didn't do it for any reason other than I want Top Ender to be able to express herself and know that we support her and love her. And I have to admit, the colour is growing on me.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Let's Start Summer

Today is the last day of the current School year for Top Ender and Big Boy and I decided I really wanted to celebrate and do something special. So the children came home to a sign on the door. Just a simple sign that I printed off on my new printer (I'll talk about it in a post in a couple of days, but I got it free so just declaring that now) and stuck to the front door.

Let's Start Summer!

One of my neighbours was just popping up to the school along with her children who left the School last year. They are sweet children, but they did think that my front door was a little weird... mainly because I've forgotten to tell you about something I did to the front door. You see there wasn't just a sign.

There were streamers too.

Top Ender and Big Boy loved the taped up door

The children loved it and after we managed to unlock the door without destroying the streamers, they ran into the house.

Okay so kind of walked... The good news is that Summer has started, so lets get busy doing nothing!
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LEGO Stationery Storage Cups

Top Ender has been working on a project this past term at School, that almost perfectly lent itself to a fantastic end of term Teacher gift. The theme of the term/project was based around When I Grow Up and was a very good excuse to play with LEGO Minifigures, but did actually teach the children a lot about themselves and when I got to talk to four members of Top Ender's class every single one of them mentioned how they realised that they needed to take more responsibility for themselves and their possessions. I personally want to thank Kyle Emmett for his help in getting Top Ender so passionate about blogging again and also for helping her to learn a little bit about how responsible a parent has to be!

Kyle Emmett, Top Ender's friend and adopted Lego son

The teacher gift has been top secret in our house, as Top Ender and I wanted it to be a surprise to the teachers she was giving the gift too. It was very hard as one of the teachers that is going to receive a gift is also a family friend, as are several of her relatives and of course I have them all as friends on Facebook! You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've gone to post a picture of the gift, but have at the last second remembered that I would have to stop so many people from seeing it that it just wasn't worth it.


Today Top Ender is taking the gifts into School and I know that by the time this post goes live (I'm scheduling it) that our teacher friend will be in school and won't be able to see this post before she sees her gift, so here it is...

Lego Glass Storage Heads

Top Ender and I purchased some glass tumblers, thinly spray painted the insides yellow (I have way more spray paint cans than any one household should really have) and then waited for what seemed like days before spray painting again. And again a few more days later. And again a few more days after that.

I hate waiting.

Then when we were happy that they were yellow enough we used the Cricut to cut some Lego Faces out of vinyl to stick to the outside of the glasses. One quick cricut moment later, we had some brilliant faces that Top Ender then stuck to the glasses. All of the glasses have two faces (the only one not shown is a winking face) and Top Ender is, in my opinion, rightly proud of herself.

I helped out by wrapping each head with some cellophane and tying with yellow and black ribbons (same colour theme as the glasses) after Top's had filled them with highlighters and sweets. We can't wait to see what the teachers think!
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Thursday, 17 July 2014

You're Having a Giraffe! - Big Boy Giggles

Daddy and I have been trying to arrange a holiday for the family to go on in one of the half term holidays. We've been discussing as a family where we'd like to go in the UK, of course Yorkshire got a mention or two as Top Ender and I loved it and Big Boy is a little jealous of the time we spent there, so he's been asking if he can go there too.

Eventually we narrowed it down to a couple of destinations we'd been to before, but in order to make it more special we were looking at a slightly more upmarket holiday home to stay in. Daddy was looking at the prices of the accommodation online and was slightly surprised at the cost.

"You're having a giraffe!" said Daddy before explaining the breakdown of costs to me
"Maybe" said Big Boy "That's what they are going to buy with the money! They want to buy a giraffe so are charging you lots."
"Yes BB" said Daddy "That is exactly what is going on."

So there you have it folks, expect to see Giraffes wandering round holidays homes in the near future.

Giraffes at the Zoo

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