A Mothers Ramblings

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Weekend Meals And Family Time 23/24 March

So. If you spotted on Monday that my meal plans had something missing, eg the food for this weekend, you'd be right. Well, sort of. I hadn't forgotten them, I was just planning on doing something and this blog post is that something and hopefully a regular (ish) feature!

For our family, the weekends are a chance for us all to relax, to hang out together and reconnect and the activities we partake in and the food we eat during this time normally reflects that. It's family meals, I guess what most of us would think of as comfort food and of course some new favourites, which I think the children will think of as comfort food in the future.

Hanging out together in London

Friday, 22 March 2019

Cats Prove The Earth Isn't Flat!

Dan Jon came in from School with some urgency this last Tuesday, he had run home from School and when he arrived at the door, he was a little breathless, but without even stopping to take off his coat, hat or bag he bounded up the stairs two at a time, pausing momentarily to call back to me;

"I need to do a search!"

What was so urgent?
What did he so desperately need to research?
What couldn't wait until after he had given me a kiss or even taken off his coat?

I knew that I had to follow him if I wanted to find out, so I went upstairs just in time for him that have turned on his computer and to see him type;

"My friend is a flat earther, how do I kill him?"

Dan Jon, all cute and innocent until he google searches!

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Windy Weather

Top Ender, Dan Jon and I were heading to the Cinema (we saw The Kid Who Would Be King) and got caught up a little in the wind, before we got into the Cinema. As we walked from where we had parked the car, I suddenly realised that the children were lagging behind me a little and that they were struggling to walk in the wind.

Watching them struggle towards me had me howling with laughter not because they were having such a hard time walking into the wind or because they were struggling towards me, but because they were making such a meal out of it and making some rather funny jokes about how windy it was.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Am I A Gardener Now?

When we had the back garden sorted out by the lovely Golden Gardens crew, Flyfour and I were sure that this was it. This was what we had needed to help us be successful adults in relation to Gardening. now we had three lush little raised beds, we'd be able to grow flowers and maybe some vegetables or herbs and then we'd have flowers, and food and a nice space to hang out in and everything would align and we'd realise that we did inherit our Grandparents green fingers.

Only it didn't work out like that.

Our first foray into the world of gardening had us all at a Garden Centre, picking seeds we could plant in the beds without having to germinate and plant out little seedlings. We found a few, we all gathered round and planted and were eager to have our lovely little border full of flowers. A week later and a flash flood caused all the seeds to be washed away.

Excuse Top Ender blocking the raised beds, but it was the only picture I could find of them!

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The Boy In The Dress

Dan Jon Jr had had a plan for years, for his final World Book Day at Lower School. Dan Jon wanted to be Dennis, the main character in The Boy in the Dress and he wanted to wear a dress to School. Then the announcement came out, it was hats that the children were being encouraged to wear and so Dan Jon and I checked with the Deputy Head that he could still wear a dress... and then I checked with Dan Jon, that he understood what it meant, wearing a dress to School when hardly any of the other students would be wearing a costume.

Let me be clear, I wasn't talking him out of this, I wasn't trying to get him to change his mind. I was just checking that he was prepared for wearing a dress to School.

And he schooled me.