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Monday, 2 March 2015

The Last Week Of February

The end of February was brilliant, we had a great week and to be honest I think February was very kind to my family, well my little unit of four anyway.

The Last Week Of February

If you read last weeks post you might be wondering if I did indeed get my Fitbit... I did! On the Saturday morning I suddenly realised that I had been given a voucher for my personal use in a rather lovely department store. I had been torn about what to do with this voucher, I wasn't sure if I'd buy Beavers Uniform with it and then wait until Top Ender needed Guides uniform to spend the rest, or if I'd just go and spend it all in their sister Food Shop... and then I realised. I could spend it guilt free on me and get myself a Fitbit. So we braved going up the City Centre on a Saturday and I'm now the proud owner of a Fitbit Charge HR and I'm loving it. It's my bestest new toy... just ask me in a month if I still feel that way!

As usual we started our week with Monday bags from Daddy. Top Ender and Big Boy were both very pleased with what they got (as was I!) as Top Ender got a new PC Case and the J2O lip balm whilst BB got an Amiibo. A friend also passed on to him some rather lovely Nintendo merc that he had spare so BB was having a very good Monday.

Top Ender and Big Boy showing off their Monday Bag goodies

Big Boy was really excited about flowers, I assume he'd been talking about them at School as Monday night we walked home the long way to look for flowers that were growing, but I had to explain to BB he'd have to wait a couple of weeks before there would be anything for him to pick.

Spring Flowers

Luckily a couple of days later my Mum purchased BB a pot of daffodils all for himself, but they seem to have become a plaything for the kittens.

I got to have fun with my Niece for a little while during the week, and we had a fun time at the park playing on the swings and on the roundabout. It reminded me how much fun it was to have a little one around, I may either have to kidnap one or persuade my husband that another one would add nicely to our family... So, kidnap it is.

The children and I had two Family Home Evenings. Firstly on Wednesday night we took ourselves off to Ikea and after a lovely walk round where the children tried out all the furniture and decided how we were going to replace just about everything in our house that wasn't already from Ikea we went to have Meatballs in the restaurant. It was one of the best!

Hanging out in Ikea

Our second was actually on Friday night (but I'll mention it here!) where the children and I gathered together to watch Hercules as it fits with their school work theme Heroes! Top Ender is learning about Greek Myths (titled Where have all the Heroes gone?) and BB is learning more generally about Heroes (Do you need a cape to fly?) and

Watching Hercules - best Mummy Homework Ever

Thursday night, whilst BB went to Beavers, Daddy (because he was home early) and I went for a walk along the canal.

Sign post to the Three Locks

It was fun as we chatted as we walked the 3/4 mile path from where the Beavers group is held to the Three Locks, both three actual lock gates close together and a pub named after the three locks!

The Three Locks

The week passed quickly with it ending on successful completion of spelling tests and practice SATS. Big Boy has been brilliant pushing himself each week to memorise his spellings, but he does seem to know them rather quickly it seems that unlike Top Ender and I he is just rather fab at spelling. Top Ender and I are both of the persuasion that spell check was invented for a reason and that reason being us. Top Ender was rather pleased to have pushed herself on a Maths SATS test and achieved a brilliant score, she is doing so great and I hope that come SATS week, with all the relaxing I have planned for her after and before School I'm hoping that she won't stress herself out as I was rather prone to doing, whenever I sat an exam.

The Last Week of February Has Had Me Decluttering

Well, I tidied up my bedroom and my living room dining table and cleared so much rubbish out that I think it counts as decluttering! The good news about it all was that Daddy was really pleased because we can finally use the Dining table again and the built in unit in our bedroom doesn't look like a Giant Monster coming to eat us in the middle of the night!

It's one of those weeks where everything just seemed to go well and I'm a little sad to see it go, but I'm hoping that March will be just as lovely.
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Monday, 23 February 2015

The Third Week Of February

The third week of February was half term here at A Mother's Ramblings Head Quarters. Daddy had thought about taking the week off, but in the end it was just the children and I and we had a complete blast! We didn't go away, we didn't do very much and we even managed a sneaky McDonalds so as you can see I know how to party...

The Third Week of February

As has now become tradition, we didn't go for a family walk on the Sunday and our Saturday, despite being Valentines Day, was just a normal family day. It did mean however, that the children, Daddy and I had a rather lovely weekend just relaxing and being together. Top Ender and Daddy watched a couple of movies together, Big Boy and I were banished to our bedrooms (we weren't really, it's just "better" this way as then we can all do what we want to do!) and of course Top Ender and I went to Church on Sunday afternoon.

Monday morning, after I had waved Daddy off was just a relaxing day for the children and I. We hung out at home, read books about Greek and Roman Myths, the children played in the garden, read books about Pirates, I did the dishes and it was the sort of downtime one would want if they'd been rushing around since the start of term. The one thing that I think the week will be remembered for however, is finding out that the hole in the side of the Sofa (which nobody can normally see as there is a door in the way) was a handy hiding hole for Kittens...

Peach, the Kitten, hiding in the sofa

Tuesday the Children and I went to the Faith In God activity at the Chapel. The FIG Leader, is a lovely lady and also happens to be married to our Bishop (and I'm not just saying she is lovely because her Dad sometimes reads this blog! She really happens to be one of the nicest people you could meet). Anyway, when we were chatting the plan had been for the FIG to be a Sports Activity, where the children aged 8-11 (that's the age range for those who go to FIG) could play Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, Hockey and a host of other games), but we realised that Tuesday was also Pancake Day so we decided to combine them... and then we remembered that Chinese New Year was at the end of the week so we decided to throw that in too.

In the end the FIG Leader (I'm trying to think of a nickname for her as everyone has a nickname on here!) made pancakes with Top Ender lending a helping hand (Tops was most proud of herself and rightly so as she cooked a tonne of pancakes with the leaders supervision), whilst two of our local Missionaries led sport activities and I took care of the Chinese New Year Crafting, where we made Chinese Dragons and Paper Lanterns. It was great fun, and some of the best colouring and sticking was completed by the boys, who luckily didn't think of crafting as not being as exciting as the sports on offer too.

A quick trip on Wednesday morning to the Hospital for an appointment for Big Boy with his Diabetic Team, had me feeling rather buoyant, as BB's HbA1c level has come down yet again and I was congratulated on doing a grand job. I'm not sure if the Doctor just congratulates everyone every time, or if I'm special but it always makes me feel better about how I'm helping BB manage his Diabetes so bring on the Praise!

The rest of the week was a bit miserable outside, so whilst the Children and I were up the Chapel (yes again!) putting up a new Primary Display Board theme, we popped to Starbucks to get us and the Sister Missionaries a Hot Chocolate. Whilst I was busy, Big Boy decided to do a little drawing for me on one of the Blackboards, he decided it was his contribution to my Welcome to Primary drawing I do each week.

Big Boy's Chalk Drawing

If you'd like to see a picture of the Primary Board you can see it on my Instagram Feed. It's not finished yet and be kind, it's my first major photoshop project!

Friday had Daddy coming home from work with a new toy, a Pebble Smart Watch. He reasoned away the expense, and so after being jealous for a little bit (and sulking for a little longer!) I decided that what I should do was actually reason away the expense of the Fitbit I wanted...

Daddy and his new Pebble Smart Watch

To find out if I reasoned away the expense you'll have to come back next week however as technically that happened in the last week of February...!

As you might have noticed, the number of books read, things crafted and areas decluttered are missing this week... mainly because this post is already a mile long and I've explained about the crafting and book reading (which doesn't count to my total) already. They shall be back soon however.
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Monday, 16 February 2015

Explosions of Fun

Big Boy and I were walking home after School the other night, when I stuck my hand in my coat pocket and pulled out a surprise for Big Boy. At Christmas we had each been given a box of Fun Snaps by Father Christmas and mine had magically worked it's way into my coat pocket. We walked the long way home as we knew that we'd be the only ones walking down the hill, as the older children in our road wouldn't have finished School yet and none of them live between the top of the hill and our house.

A handful of Fun Snaps

We enjoyed throwing the Fun Snaps as we walked down the hill, at invisible Zombies and other scary monsters that BB said were hiding around corners, behind trees and around the back of cars. Eventually we only had a few from my packet left and we were back at our house.

We had an idea. With the angle we had parked the car, we figured that we could hide behind it, wait for Top Ender to come down the road and then throw them at the ground behind her in order to give her a surprise!

So we hid behind the car, sneaking peeks up the road to see if we could see Tops walking down the road. Eventually she arrived and as she stood at the front door, we surprised Top Ender by Big Boy throwing a few at the ground between him and her and me throwing them at the ground in front of her.

Top Ender going to get me with the Fun Snaps

Sure enough there was a big laugh, and Top Ender ran inside to grab her box of the Fun Snaps and Big Boy ran off to find his.

A battle between them ensued, with them both kindly donating a few to me, so that I could join in the fun again.

Some of the Fun Snaps Action

It was one of the most fun after School activities that we'v had... I'm off to the shops to buy some more Fun Snaps for some half term fun.
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Sunday, 15 February 2015

The Second Week of February

Happy End of Week Everyone!

I'm in a jolly good mood at the minute, I think it's because I've been surrounded by lots of lovely people over the last couple of weeks and of course that the Half Term Holidays start tomorrow, along with Mummy Home School! Big Boy had got really upset the other week because he was going to miss School for the five days that he wasn't there and he requested that we sort out Mummy Home School for the half term (it was already in progress!) so that he wouldn't miss School.

I do love having children who enjoy going to School!


Well, we didn't go for a Sunday walk. I think that it has rather fallen by the wayside as something which we did a couple of times and then forgot about. I am going to try to get everyone going again(and soon!) but for now I might have to accept that family walks are off the menu!

I did pick Top Ender up from the designated Brownie Camp drop off point and she'd had a brilliant time. We were warned by Brown Owl that the girls hadn't had much sleep, but Top Ender was eager to go to Church. It was when I realised that she had fallen asleep in Sacrament (in my arms) that I knew she was really tired and we cancelled all our other Sunday activities in favour of Top Ender going to bed!

Daddy walked us to School on Monday morning, as he was going in late for one reason or another and so he got to take part in our daily walk to School picture. He thought it most amusing and pretended that he wasn't there.

Ignore Daddy... he isn't actually there!

I was talking with a friend on the way home from School a couple of days later and upon sticking my hand in my pocket, to find my keys, I pulled out a £10 note! I was so surprised, but it was a very nice surprise and one which made the day even nicer!

Surprise Money!

I was rather naughty this week and ordered a new dress from House of Fraser (in the sale, don't worry Daddy!). I was rather surprised when it arrived because it was in a box! I don't think I've ever ordered a dress that came in a box before.

A Dress in a box

Generally the second week of February has been rather fab.


Top Ender has been pestering her teacher to bring home a copy of Wonder for me to read. She's been reading it in School for Guided Reading and discussing it with her class teacher and she felt that I'd love it and so after several weeks of pestering her Teacher finally agreed that she could bring it home for me to read.

Wonder by R J Palacio

I started immediately and within two and a half hours I'd finished the whole book. I can not explain how brilliant this book is, but you need to read it if you haven't already.


Nothing. Actually, do Milkshakes count?


No where. I kinda took a week off from all Housewife type duties. Although I did voluntarily do the dishes without the threat of my husband coming home!

So, there's what's happened this week. What's happened in your life this past week?
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Day

Firstly, Happy Valentines Day to all those who wish to be wished it and to all those who don't... Happy Saturday!

Yes, I'm fully aware that I don't need to wait until Valentines Day to show my appreciation to those in my life and if you've read my blog before or know me in real life then you'll know that I don't, but I do like to do something special every once in a while and Valentines Day is a good a day as any!

Today I'm ready to spoil my lovely husband and children rotten, as we'll be together and none of us will have to disappear off to Work or School... although I will be going shopping at one point with my Mum and Top Ender, leaving Daddy and Big Boy at home to get up to no good.

These are the faces of my family when they are planning on being up to no good!

In the past I have sent valentines cards to friends and family members who haven't been expecting to get something in the post either from a loved one or a secret admirer, because for me Valentines Day is a chance for me to make sure that those around me know that they are loved.  If you'd like to be considered for one of these in the future then let me know!


What have I arranged this year?

Well, a few special friends will be getting handwritten letters delivered in the post, there are a couple being hand delivered too. It was a treat to myself to be able to sit and think about the recipients of the letters and to write things that I thought they might be interested to be told or glad to hear or even in some cases need to be reassured about. I always think of it being an extension of the Facebook Updates that I do every so often where I get to say nice things about my friends.

I have of course got my lovely husband a card, which will probably pop up on Instagram later today and I made cards for the Children with the Bostik Crafts box for Feb too.

We're having BBQ Chicken Burgers for dinner tonight, a treat for us all.

I've covered both the children's bedroom doors in hearts with some of the hearts having some special words of love and encouragement on for each child.

And most importantly, at least I think so, I've arranged for Daddy and I to have a night in together doing not very much. Admittedly he'll probably end up working on the PC whilst I sit drawing on the sofa, but it'll be us together having a chat about bits and pieces and just relaxing.

Aahhhhhh Bliss!

Do you have anything planned? Make me jealous with stories of jewellery and flowers!
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