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Saturday, 17 March 2018

What We Are Eating W/C 17th March 2018

I know, you've all thought that I've starved the family over the last few weeks. Not only have no meal plans been published, but I havent posted a single cup of Hot Chocolate to Instagram nor any Salads. It's not true though! Really I've just cut back on the Hot Chocolate, I've forgotten to hit publish on the meal plans and it really isn't the weather for Salads in my humble opinion.

No, this is the weather for comfort food!

Piles of Steamed Veg, Casseroles and very yummy things that probably make our insides all happy with love added to every bite!

Friday, 16 March 2018

The February Family Resolution

On the surface, the February Family Resolution was a bit.. boring. It was, however, probably the most successful Family Resolution I could have imagined!

The idea for February was that we be well rested, this involved working out how much sleep we each needed, what we needed in order to go to sleep, and looking to see what helped motivate us to get up and going in the morning.

A Nice inviting Bed with fresh bed linen

Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Problem with being Smiley

The problems with being smiley aren't really that many. People may think you are more outgoing than you are, People may think you are crazy (try walking down a London street smiling at strangers, you'll see what I mean), People may... well, people may think you're me.

And then there is the real problem. Well, the real problem for me. You see, every morning when I walk Dan Jon Jr to School, we pass several people. Some are walking children to School, some parents are walking home from dropping their children at School, some are walking to other Schools, some are walking their dogs, some are just out for a morning constitutional and some are just neighbours who wave from their windows at the various families who walk past.

Dan Jon Jr ready for the School Run

Dan Jon and I discuss various things that are of interest to us, we practice spellings and answer random math questions. We discuss what is happening after School, what we're having for our evening meal, what we are reading, what we thought of breakfast or a million other things, which on a five-minute journey is seriously impressive.

Friday, 23 February 2018

I Hate Those Stories

I hate those stories that start "A friend of a friend said this happened" or something along those lines.

Standing in the School Playground this morning, slowly freezing whilst we waited for the bell to signal it was time for the children to exit the Playground and make their way to their Classrooms, a group of Mums standing near by was suddenly brought to life when another Mum burst into the middle of them.

Top Ender and Dan Jon ready for School

"Oh. My. G--!" She screached. "You will never guess what a friend of mine reposted a friend of her's on Facebook."

I thought I had discreetly rolled my eyes, but my own little circle of Parent Friends caught the so called discrete gesture and all immediatly hushed down to also listen to this other conversation being relayed a few feet away.

Monday, 5 February 2018

The January Family Resolution

This year, I set 12 different resolutions for my family, one for each month of the year for things that my family and I thought we needed to work on as a family. Things we wanted to do as a family. Of course they had input into these resolutions, as I asked them what they felt we needed to work on, how we wanted to refine ourselves and what we thought we needed to work on and then I translated them into English (rather than our family slang) wrote these family resolutions down and published them back in December, so that we'd be able to share our progress with you and of course, be able to look back on it in years to come and see when and how we started certain positive habits.

The resolution for January was that we would put the family first.

Family Fun in the Snow