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Friday, 22 August 2014

I'm Not Going Outside

I realised something yesterday. I never have to go outside again if I don't want to. Everything I need to do I can do quite easily from the comfort of my own living room, and if I wanted to I could do it in my pants. Take yesterday for example...

I ordered a jigsaw from Argos and had it delivered by Shutl, instead of walking with Big Boy the 1.5 miles to Argos (or B&Q which is across the road from Argos) to purchase the jigsaw and then the 1.5 miles home again. The delivery fee was well worth the no hassle from BB for having to walk there and back.

I placed an order for my weekly grocery shop online. That way I didn't have to struggle with the shopping in a Taxi or on the Bus or wait until Tuesday when I finally have the car back (as Tops and Daddy have it in Devon for a long weekend). I also didn't spend any extra on things that I didn't need.

I ordered a film through Sky TV for BB and I to watch, but then again that's nothing new I don't even know if video rental stores exist anymore. I'm pretty sure the one nearest to me turned into a Polish Newsagents.

Big Boy played with his best friend who now lives a couple of hours away, online and they happily chatted, built things (it was Minecraft) and neither one of them left their respective living rooms.

Why go outside when it rains so much?

I spoke with my best friend, my Mum and my Sister and chatted with them via Skype, telephone and text message. I even managed to email some good friends to work out some issues I had.

We considered ordering a takeaway, via the phone and having it delivered at no extra cost to us, but we decided to stick with what was in the fridge and freezer.

I chatted with my Neighbour via Facebook and we swapped Summer Holiday stories. As I can see her house from the windows that are at the front of my house this seems rather odd. I also chatted with another friend and swapped cleaning tips, thoughts on life and general chit chat. If you've ever seen me on Facebook, then you'll know what I mean!

I followed an exercise video on Youtube and saved myself some money on an exercise class at the same time. I also didn't worry about the amount of noise I was making, nor how smelly I was because the only person who was here was Big Boy and he's a boy so used to stinky smells.

I worked for a bit, earnt a bit of money and then spent my wages on a few Christmas gifts, which will be delivered to my home next week.

So I think for the next few days I shan't go outside, apart from a trip to Church (I'll even get dressed for that one) and possibly for a few minutes when I venture into the garage... I don't think I'll miss too much.
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Mexican Week - Chilli Con Carne AKA Night Five #Review

I knew that I was going to have a problem with dinner tonight. The children have complained all week about the spice levels of the foods and they were all mild. How on earth was I going to get this Chilli Con Carne past them? Especially when they both know full well the story of the first time I had Chilli Con Carne (Hi Auntie Tracey!) and how I reacted to the spice level. I know you want to know the story, but let's just say that the October 1987 weekend of the big wind that knocked out most peoples fences etc was also the weekend that my sister and I ate CCC for the first time and we didn't react well and neither of us ate it for many many years after.


I decided that what I should do was make the Chilli and then before serving it to the children (and me) add a healthy dollop of yoghurt to cool the spice level right down.

It worked.

Chilli Con Carne

The Children however didn't love it, as it was still too spicy for them. Top Ender managed to eat more of it than Big Boy but it was just too spicy for her. It was just right with the yoghurt for me and Daddy had the full spice level and didn't complain, but went for seconds so I know he loved it!

It was a good meal and a great way to end the week of Mexican Meals.

Santa Maria Range that we reviewed

I'm thinking we're doing a week of themed meals again... what cuisine would you suggest?

We were sent the sauce to review by Santa Maria.
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Staycation With Big Boy

This morning, Big Boy and I saw off Daddy and Top Ender on their weekend of camping. Big Boy and I are too much creatures of comfort to go camping. If we were to go camping, we'd need to go glamping or get a much bigger tent. Daddy and Top Ender are quite happy to live for a few days in the pop up tents, but Big Boy and I like to be able to stand up without sticking our heads through fabric! After we had waved them off, twice as they forgot something and had to come back, Big Boy and I sat down to breakfast.

We decided that we'd spoil ourselves this extended weekend of our staycation, so I made pancakes and accidentally covered them in cream and sprinkles.

Pancakes covered in Whipped Cream and Sprinkles

After breakfast we watched a film together (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2), read a few stories in a book (Stories for Children), did a spot of colouring (various from a colouring book) and we did all this before Big Boy played a bit of Minecraft with our old neighbours (who now have the internet at their new home). 

With Big Boy happily playing with his Best Friend I quickly placed an online shopping order for some needed groceries (haha £1 delivery you are mine even if you are between 10 and 11pm!) and made a plan for the next few days.

I then taught myself to crochet (well reminded myself), made a quick Granny Square (well it's more a weird circle/square/rectangle) and finished off my new phone case type thing (pictures coming up!) all before persuading Big Boy that a walk to the local shop didn't need his scooter to come too.

Big Boy on his Scooter

I lost what we shall now refer to as Scootergate.

We had lunch, we took a selfie and now Big Boy is creating a monster for our science experiment a little later this afternoon.

So far our little holiday is rather fab!
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Mexican Week - Fajitas AKA Night Four #Review


I LOVE Fajitas. Seriously I do, I love Veggie ones, I love Chicken ones, I love Steak ones, the Fish ones, the PUDDING ones (I'll put a recipe up at the bottom of this post, trust me you'll LOVE them) and my absolute favourite, the Fried Breakfast ones.

The children however seem to think that if you are going to have Fajitas there are only two or three things that can go in them.

Meat, Chicken or Fish.

Plus, you can't serve them with any form of seasoning, no matter how mild because as we all know seasoning is the quickest way to add any flavour to food and that is bad*.

So the fajitas I made for the children were a little... lacking.

Boring looking Plain nothing added Chicken Fajitas that my children thought were LUSH

How boring do they look? My fajitas which I accidentally ate before remembering I hadn't taken a picture of were red and green and yellow, with onion and peppers and chicken and huge dollops of guacamole (I LOVE ME SOME GUAC!).

It didn't matter though. The children loved theirs as much as I loved mine and we were all happily sitting at the table in the garden trying to look dignified whilst stuffing our mouths with the deliciousness that was dinner. We didn't succeed and I got a stain on my top from where mine spilt out!

Anyway, here's that Dessert Fajita recipe I mentioned.


Flour Tortillas for as many people as you are feeding
Cream Cheese or Squirty Cream
Fruit you like, I've gone for Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries as they were in my fridge
1 teaspoon of Sugar
1 dessert spoon of Dr Pepper (if that floats your boat, if not then you know don't use it!)


Spread some Cream Cheese on the one side of a tortilla. I prefer the top side, as then my counter doesn't get sticky. If you're using squirty cream, don't put this on until the end.

Take your fruit and cut the all in half, or bite sized chunks. 

Add the fruit along with a teaspoon of sugar to a saucepan and put over a low heat, stirring well. Add a splash of Dr Pepper as everything tastes better with Dr Pepper. This however isn't needed and will work perfectly well without it.

The juice from the fruit will turn syrupy, but that is fine it's what you want. Let the fruit sort of mush down a bit.

Fry the wrap creamy cheese side up for a few moments (to warm it up, make the cheese a bit warm), before slipping on to a plate and dolloping some of the mushy fruit on top of the Cream Cheese. Unless you're using Squirty cream, in which case heat the pancake up, then squirt and dollop!

Wrap as you would a savoury tortilla, and EAT!

Dessert Fajita

Get in my mouth good.

*So the children say. I happen to like seasoning. And spices. And you. I especially like you.

We were sent the wraps and the sauces and the seasoning which I didn't use by Santa Maria because they like people to eat Mexican!
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Mexican Week - Enchiladas AKA Night Three #Review

All week the children have complained that the food I'm giving them as part of Mexican week is too spicy, so last night with the Enchiladas I kinda covered them in the Sour Cream sauce to tone down the spicy level.

Enchiladas from Santa Maria

Plus I thought it looked cool.

It worked. Actually, I didn't have any sour cream on my meal and ended up squirting a load out because the meal was too spicy for me! The children didn't quite finish theirs, as they thought it was a little too spicy but they loved the whole idea of the sauce and cheese being inside and outside the wraps (which they do love).

I don't think that if we had the Enchiladas again I'd use the seasoning mix, but then that kind of spoils the whole point of having them!

We were sent everything but the meat and cheese by Santa Maria for the purpose of this review.
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