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Monday, 12 November 2018

What We Are Eating W/C 12th November 2018

We missed a few meals last week, we were doing "other" things, that I forgot about or that took place last minute and so I've been trying super hard to remember everything in advance this week! Luckily nobody starved and we're more excited about the meals for this coming week and for some other things happening in the next few weeks too!

Cocoa on Dunstable Downs

Monday, 5 November 2018

All Meals W/C 5th November 2018

I really can't believe that it is already November, that means I can officially watch a Christmas movie every day and wear my Christmas socks and only one of my friends will moan at me (he says Christmas shouldn't be mentioned until December 1st, but I say Humbug to him!) and the rest will just either be "SAME!" or "Pippa, you so crazy!" but then again, my friends are like that most of the time!

So on to the meals for the week!

Christmas Jumper Cookie

Monday, 29 October 2018

All Meals W/C 29th October

As this week is half term, our meals are a lot more simple than normal. We've done this for a couple of reasons,

1 We get to save some cash by eating super cheap
2 The children can cook these simple meals
3 We really need to use up the stuff in the pantry and freezer
4 I'm having a week off
5 Did I mention this week is super cheap?

When I went shopping (with Dan Jon and Tops) we purchased a can of beans, a pack of gluten-free sausages, some items for the soup we're making for the Ward Trunk Or Treat, some treats (Dr P for me, Oasis for Tops, Oreos for Dan Jon and Pepsi for Flyfour), some bread and cat food. See, super simple and cheap!

Super Tasty Beans on Toast

Friday, 26 October 2018

14 Family Night In Ideas

Dan Jon and I were busy planning whilst Top Ender and Flyfour were away on their camping trip. We were planning for when our family nights are less outside Summer type things and more inside Autumn and Winter type things. Don't get us wrong, there will be plenty of walks, wrapped up in scarves and with flasks of Hot Chocolate and the odd Sausage Roll hidden in a thermos lunchbox, but Dan Jon was also aware that Top Ender is going to be getting up super early every weekday whilst she goes to Seminary and some evenings, Tops and I may just want to collapse on the sofa.

Dan Jon came up with a brilliant list of 14 things we could do as part of a Family Night in and I thought I'd share them in case anyone else is after some fun things to do as a family when the weather turns a bit cooler!

Winter Family Selfie

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Why Food Banks Don't Want Your Out Of Date Food

The School that Dan Jon goes to each Autumn asks the children to donate food items to a local Food Bank. Each class is assigned a different kind of food, there are ten different classes with around 30 children, so a lot can be donated. I remember a couple of years ago the chap who was sent to collect the items couldn't believe how much was being donated and was so grateful for the support from the School.

Last year, Dan Jon's class had Biscuits, I went out and purchased several boxes and individual packets, to donate. It was within my budget, but it wasn't something I had originally budgeted for if you see what I mean. This year Dan Jon's class has been assigned pasta in a can (like hoops or spaghetti), Dan Jon was eager to take in a can and so emptied my pantry of my stash of value Spaghetti Hoops, and over the weekend, I purchased several more. Not to stock up my supplies, but to pass on to the food bank.

My neat and tidy, and quite full Pantry

Some classes got dried pasta, or soup, or toiletries. Things that the Food Bank need, things that people who use the Food Bank need.