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Friday, 23 February 2018

I Hate Those Stories

I hate those stories that start "A friend of a friend said this happened" or something along those lines.

Standing in the School Playground this morning, slowly freezing whilst we waited for the bell to signal it was time for the children to exit the Playground and make their way to their Classrooms, a group of Mums standing near by was suddenly brought to life when another Mum burst into the middle of them.

Top Ender and Dan Jon ready for School

"Oh. My. G--!" She screached. "You will never guess what a friend of mine reposted a friend of her's on Facebook."

I thought I had discreetly rolled my eyes, but my own little circle of Parent Friends caught the so called discrete gesture and all immediatly hushed down to also listen to this other conversation being relayed a few feet away.

Monday, 5 February 2018

The January Family Resolution

This year, I set 12 different resolutions for my family, one for each month of the year for things that my family and I thought we needed to work on as a family. Things we wanted to do as a family. Of course they had input into these resolutions, as I asked them what they felt we needed to work on, how we wanted to refine ourselves and what we thought we needed to work on and then I translated them into English (rather than our family slang) wrote these family resolutions down and published them back in December, so that we'd be able to share our progress with you and of course, be able to look back on it in years to come and see when and how we started certain positive habits.

The resolution for January was that we would put the family first.

Family Fun in the Snow

Saturday, 3 February 2018

What We Are Eating This Week W/C 3rd February 2018

I think that the meals that we have picked this week have actually been picked already in the last few weeks since I changed the way the Meal plans were organised, but that is all part of the learning curve, right? Right?

Oh well, here is what I have planned for this week.

Beans on Toast

Saturday, 27 January 2018

What We Are Eating This Week W/C 27 January 2018

I'm loving the simplicity of having a few meals to pick from with the same basic ingredients. It has meant that I've been able to stick with a budget of just £50 to buy the weekly shop and apart from a few pence here and there I've mostly stuck to it, so I'm so proud of myself!

I was planning on doing the exact same meals next two months (February and March), but I think that I'll switch it up for March and have a few other meals, especially as I've noticed what meals the family has liked the most and which meals have fallen a bit flat. Dan Jon thinks it's brilliant the way that I'm also making sure that if there is an extra portion of ANYTHING, that it's being incorporated into something else or made into my lunch... although I am regretting using up a spicy sauce last week instead of BBQ for our Chicken Burgers as the Couscous I made up in the leftover sauce has rather a kick to it!

Saturday - Toad in the Hole

We're having a day out together, but I'm planning on us being home early enough that we'll be able to have Toad in the Hole for our evening meal. The real reason for this is I hate making it and if Flyfour is home, he'll make it!

Sunday - Roast Chicken

We'll have a Roast with Trimmings (everyone loves the Gluten Free Yorkshire Puddings that Flyfour makes) and hopefully with extra Roasties because we all love Roasties!

Winner Winner! A Roast Chicken Dinner!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

January Rudolph Club

I must admit that this month has gone rather fast and so I'm not quite sure that I've managed to actually do anything for Christmas 2018 other than acknowledge that it will happen and that at some point in 2017, I thought it would be useful to document my progress each month.

Actually, that isn't true. I started working with my Swagbucks account again, and will hopefully with just doing the bare minimum for the next few months (until the end of September/start of October) to have a couple of hundred pounds to spend on Christmas bits and pieces either as cash (via Paypal) or in the form of Amazon vouchers. I've already cashed out £25 in Amazon vouchers since the start of the month as I wanted to buy a gift for a friend.