A Mothers Ramblings

Monday, 26 June 2017

The New EPDM Roof

Well, the list of Home Improvements that we created to help us focus our efforts this Summer is finally off to a busy start and these past few days I've had more Builders, Decorators, Roofer's, Installation Specialists and other men in shorts splattered in things like plaster, sweat and spilt tea than I think you could ever find in a Builder's Merchants, doing things to my house to make it a home.

The roof wasn't going to be the first works we had done, it wasn't even one of the works that we were looking forward to really. Don't get me wrong, we knew that the roof had to be done because there is only so much patching you can do when the roof is already a patchwork of patches!

The old tired and patched Kitchen Roof From Dan Jon Jr's bedroom window

Flyfour was getting a little fed up of going up on the Kitchen roof in the rain to stop the collecting rainwater from drip, drip, dripping into our Kitchen and the Facias? Well, maybe the less said about them the better eh?

Saturday, 24 June 2017

What We Are Eating W/C 24th June 2017

I've decided that it is too hot to go shopping, think about meal planning AND that we have too much going on today for me to actually go out food shopping (think builders taking over the downstairs of the house and we're decorating Dan Jon's bedroom too) and so I've quickly looked at what we had in the larder, the fridge and the freezer and meal planned around that!

An Ice Cream - What I wouldn't give for one right now.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Things I Wish My Parents Had Told Me (Or I Wish I Had Listened To If They Did)

I had a good childhood, I've mentioned that once or twice before and yet the way I was raised left a few areas of my life strangely lacking in knowledge and so I present to you things I wish my parents had told me... or I wish I had listened to if they did.

Oh and don't worry, I'm trying to ensure that Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr will learn these lessons before they are out in the world!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Having Fun In The Garden!

I love that my husband has passions and hobbies that maybe I don't share the same amount of enthusiasm for, but I am appreciative of all the same. For example many years ago I remember watching Through the Keyhole and the guest on the show that evening had the best house in the world to my young mind.

If you were sitting at the kitchen table, you could press a button and a bath would start running (in the bathroom obviously), or you could make the table fold into place from the bath, look I was young, I was impressionable but I did not make this up. Ever since then, I wanted an automated house too but I'm the kinda gal who just wants to move in. I don't want the hassle of having to programme everything!

Luckily Flyfour doesn't feel the same way.

Flyfour, my genius geek of a husband

Which is why our home is slowly turning into an automated home, without me having to lift a finger.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Ready To Move On

My parents moved house just before my seventh birthday, which means that I moved house just before my 7th birthday. I remember it quite clearly because I hated my parents with my all nearly 7 year old might for moving.

I had good friends at my school, they lived down my road and I remember going to their houses to play and they came to mine and I knew that when we moved things were obviously going to be different.

Top Ender pulling a Face, much like 7 year old me would have

At the time I didn't understand why we moved, I just knew we were moving away from all I knew, moving away from all our extended family and I was angry. I don't remember showing anyone that anger, instead I let it fester inside.

Looking back, I can see how stupid nearly 7 year old me was.