Another Grey Day

The last time I posted my attemt to bannish the blues of a Grey day photographs, it cheered me right up and got me motivated to face the rest of the day head on and get not only my chores done, but also enabled me to remember that the Sun would be back in just a few short weeks and so I thought I'd post some more!

During the Summer, the Children and I decided to camp out in the back garden. I woke up before them one morning and set camp up at the patio table with my Fruit tea, my books, Netflix, my knitting and even my laptop to do a little bit of blogging if I felt like it! It was the best day.

Backyard Camping set up

I've had to include this next picture because it made me laugh. Flyfour had made an apple crumble and we were all eating it out on the Patio, when I noticed that Dan Jon Jr had an orange tongue.

Dan Jon sat eating his crumble and all the while sticking his tongue out. It just really made me giggle.

Dan Jon Jr with his tongue out

This next picture was taken by Flyfour at the Preston Temple. The Temple was absolutely beautiful and this picture of Top Ender there just seemed to radiate happiness, goodness and of course who wouldn't be cheered up by seeing a beautiful white building up against a brilliant blue sky?

Top Ender at the Preston Temple

These next two pictures were also taken by Flyfour whilst he and Top Ender had gone Camping in Blackpool. For a day trip they drove to The Howgill Fells which are between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales and went for a 4 mile hike to see Cautley Spout, the highest cascade waterfall above ground in the UK.

Top Ender at The Howgill Fells walking back from Cautley Spout

The last picture was taken on Blackpool Beach at Sunset and just makes me feel warm and happy looking at it!

Top Ender on Blackpool Beach at Sunset

Once more I'm hoping that these pictures of happy, warmer and sunny days will encourage me to face the dark and dreary days we're all enduring at the moment and remind me (and you) that Summer is coming back soon... we just have to wait a few short months!