Yet Another Grey Day

What I love about the Winter is that it is so easy to wrap up warm, hide under a blanket or Umbrella and hide away from the world. You know what I mean right? In Summer, we wear T-shirts (Yes I know I'm wearing a T-shirt right now, but I also have a cardigan on) and short trousers or shorts but here right now we're under layers of clothing, blankets, clouds and we can forget about the Sun warming our bodies, it barely has enough power to warm the British Isles!

So because I'm forgetting what it's like to be seen and to not have to wear twenty layers of clothing, here's a throwback to the Summer to cheer me up and remind me that Summer is a few short (and dark) months away.

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr on the Carousel in the Summer was a lot of fun. Top Ender was the oldest child there and I'm pretty sure she won't want to go to the undercover beach at the Garden Centre again as a paying guest. Still, I can remember what this last summer was like!

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr on the Carousel

Every year we always complain that we didn't get enough sunny days during the Summer. It's not true, however. We did get a lot of sunny days, so much so that the children were paddling in our paddling pools after School just to cool down and watching the shadows dappling their feet.

Plus, it's nice to see painted toes out in the garden right?

Top Ender paddling her painted toes in the paddling pool

These last two pictures were taken on a sad day, the day of my Nan's funeral. However, they were also taken on a beautiful sunny day and are a couple of photographs of the children that I love because it shows the children having fun and remembering their Great Nan in a place that was special to them and her together.

I also love how the photograph of Dan Jon Jr here shows him sketching and hard at work to bring a creation of his to life. This is how I see him every day he is forever sketching in his notebook, on small scraps of paper, big pieces of paper, or in the sand or on chalkboards. Just anywhere he can make his mark.

Dan Jon Jr drawing in the Sand at the Beach

Top Ender had been busy looking out to sea. She was contemplating life, the universe and everything in between and around it because that's the sort of girl she is. Top Ender is rather like me, she thinks a lot, she thinks things over for days at a time. It's not that we do things slowly, but it's because we think through every scenario, we replay every part of the conversation until we know we fully understand the situation and conversation.

Top Ender at the Beach

Again I'm feeling much happier about the dark days we're suffering through, I'm remembering that the sun will be back out in full force in just a few months and until then I can keep looking at these pictures to cheer myself up!