Why My Meal Plans Have Gone

I've not been publishing my menu posts for a few weeks. At first it was by accident, I simply forgot to post the meal plans after checking that I'd not written something super stupid, that they were formatted how I liked and that the majority of my spelling mistakes were corrected.

And then things changed.

Dan Jon Jr stared eating school lunches everyday as we got a new kitchen at School and meals are being prepared freshly on site by a very capable team, using fresh ingerdients and honestly I've thought about abusing my Governor status at the School to get lunch there a couple of days a week!

Top Ender decided to have lunch at School everyday too and so we decided that our evening meals had to change. I wanted to change it so that come the evening Flyfour and I would eat some form of protein and a salad,, but that's what he tends to eat at lunchtime at work and so he didn't want a repeat performance of that five or six hours later!

Prawn Salad

So. What to do?

I started off making smaller meals for the children, because at times they didn't eat enough during the day at lunch to not need an evening meal (Top Ender for example will sometimes have a wrap or a sausage roll at lunch) and serving the same meal to Flyfour and I just simply in a larger portion.

That wasn't working for us though because Flyfour and I like to snack in the evening and on top of eating an evening meal, that wasn't healthy!

So we changed again.

Now, all of us eat a Sandwich or similar in the evening (Maybe some soup if we're really hungry) and if Flyfour and I want it, then we have a small snack later in the evening.

This makes for a terrible meal planning post however.

So for a fwe months I'm afraid there will be no meal plans but if you want to know what I am eating, head over to my Instagram where I'm sure I'll be sharing pictures of indecent amounts of butter on bread, freshly made Soup and lots of different mugs of Hot Chocolate!

Hot Chocolate with an indecent amount of cream!