My Word For 2017 - Focus

Last year I jumped on board the "word of the year" bandwagon. I decided that it would be a good thing to do, it would help me bring to mind my goals and allow me each day to ensure that I was doing what I wanted to be doing.

I put the word up on my wardrobe door, which meant I could read it each night before going to sleep and it was one of the first things I would see each morning after waking up.

It sort of worked.

I can't say that I didn't sometimes forget that I wanted to be Proactive and I did react to a lot of situations that I should have been proactive about, but I do think that it allowed me a greater responsibility for my own life and situations I found myself in.

This year I was really stuck with what word I wanted to use.

Jen from Mum In The Mad House put a question on Facebook about what her word would be and asked others for theirs and it got me looking at others words and thinking about them. Each time I thought about applying someone else's word to me I found my thoughts drifting off on to other things and I would shout (internal voice of course) to FOCUS on what it was I was doing.

It was then that I realised that Focus was the word that I needed to pick.

Focus - PippaD's Word of the year for 2017

I like to think of myself as a multitasker, and it's to a certain extent it is true, but I do find myself quite often focusing solely on one thing and using my Mum skills to block out the rest of the world around me!

Looking at me and how I react to different situations I realised that I'm a terrible multitasker. I like to start one thing (say this blog post) and then I'll remember that I need to text someone (I just did) and then I'll see I've left an M&S tab open and so I'll order some clothes (I did) and then play about on the website for a few minutes (which I did) before remembering that actually I'm supposed to be writing a blog post!

PippaD back in 2012, knitting, on the phone, drinking, on the laptop and reading...

I get everything done, but I'm sure if I focused on just one thing at a time and got that item finished I might be finished in the same amount of time but I wouldn't be so mentally exhausted from having to keep twenty pieces of information in my brain at one time.


I'm going to try and focus this year.

Heaven help us all if I do actually focus on just one thing at a time... I might end up actually running the world!