All Meals W/C 22nd September 2019

What a week it has been! I've been ill, Flyfour came back from Amsterdam, the children went to School and their various other activities and I've managed to survive long enough each evening to stay up and watch a documentary or TV show with Flyfour. We are currently loving Killing Eve and The Bodyguard on the BBC, Grand Designs on 4 and Paddington Station on 5! What are you watching or are you recommending to everyone? We have Now TV, Netflix and Amazon Prime, so are well covered.

I love The Lego movie!

This week I'm trying something new, I'm listing all we are eating for our main meals, lunches and Breakfast! Yup, all in one post, mainly so I can just check one place each week.
With Top Ender being at Seminary each weekday morning for 6:30 am (Seminary starts at 6:40 am, and Tops hates being late to anything), we are eating a cooked breakfast every morning because if you are getting up at 5:30 am to be ready on time (it takes time to shower, dress, eat and actually wake up) or at 5 am to complete your Morning Miracle before taking your daughter to Seminary, you deserve something tasty and warm.

Monday - Omelette made in mugs with Bacon and Cheese
Tuesday - Bacon and Egg Wrap
Wednesday - Sausage Sandwich
Thursday - Bean Hash (with leftover Sausages, Potatoes & Bacon)
Friday - Choc Chip Waffles

And here are our lunches. During the week Flyfour fends for himself at work and I either eat leftovers, make up some Couscous or survive on cups of fruit tea because we've run out of cheap cup-a-soups! The meals during the week are what the children eat, and each lunchbox has two portions of fruit, a carb, a portion of protein, a portion of dairy, a drink and if the children are super lucky a treat!

Saturday - Leftover Pasta
Sunday - Beans on Toast (Children) and Cheese and Crackers (Adults)
Monday - Homemade Chicken Nuggets
Tuesday - Homemade Lunchables
Wednesday - Curry Pot (Tops)/Chicken Sandwich (Dan Jon)
Thursday - Leftover Veggie Pasta
Friday - Fish & Chips (Dan Jon)/Chicken Sandwich (Tops)

And last up is our Evening meals!

We are still trying to eat Veggie at least twice a week (we manage three times this week) two lots of Fish and as cheaply as we can too. On top of that, we have clubs straight after school on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday for Top Ender, She volunteers on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, has her own Youth Groups on a Tuesday and a Thursday. Then, of course, I'm out on a Tuesday and a Wednesday (Church Youth group and Brownies), Dan Jon has a player co-op that he has organised for three nights a week and we all have a Family Home Evening on a Monday! It's a wonder Flyfour recognises any of us!

Saturday - Homemade Wedges
Sunday - Pork Chops with Homemade Apple Sauce
Monday - Soup and Bread
Tuesday - Bacon Cauliflower Cheese
Wednesday - Veggie Pasta
Thursday - Bacon wrapped Haddock
Friday - Chicken Tray Bake

So that's what we are eating all this week. What about you?