What's For Dinner? W/C 15th September 2018

I started writing this list before I got ill, decided it was too much like hard work (I was starting to get ill) and stopped. Now I can't smell a thing, food is the last thing on my mind and I've realised that the trip to the Supermarket yesterday was terrible as I apparently didn't buy any food for this weekend despite having spent £50 and this week planning to have a lot of leftovers and things from the store cupboard!

Tesco Bag hanging on Front Door

Oh well, back to the Supermarket we go!

Saturday - Something from the Supermarket that Tops can cook.

We're about to head back off to the Supermarket to pick up the essentials I forgot. Like Milk, food for today and more flu remedy. Flyfour is off in Amsterdam for a trade show and so is no help. I think he thinks he is lucky as it means he won't catch this nightmare of a cold.

Sunday - Chicken Sausage Pie with Puff Pastry 

The children outvoted me. I really, really, really want Chicken pie but my children have used my weakened state against me. Is there some kind of appeal I can launch?

Monday - Fish Cakes and Salad

I can't be bothered to make them, I'm buying them premade, they had better taste good otherwise everyone will blame me!

Tuesday - Jacket Potatoes with leftover Chili

I'm sneaking off to Ikea in the evening to eat Meatballs, Hot Dogs and possibly Ice Cream.

Wednesday - Tuna Melts

It's quick, it's easy and most importantly it's got proper fish in it, so is good for the family.

Thursday - Pasta with Herby Tomato Sauce

I figure by Thursday I'll be feeling better and will want all the carbs!

Friday - Meatloaf with Mashed Potato

We're having Meatloaf again because my Mum has never had it, so she's coming round after a hospital visit on Friday to eat with us to try it and to see that her eldest daughter (aka me) is the best cook in town. If she doesn't say that then I won't give her the antidote to the poison...

Hope that whatever you are eating this week is as wonderful as what we are having!