The Folly

Ages ago, Flyfour and I had an idea that we wanted a garden room. We weren't sure if this was part of a ground floor extension, knocking down the garage and putting one of those cool sheds that you see in Garden Centers in its place or even if we would just convert the garage that was already there and of course in this scenario, figure out where to put all the junk that lives in the garage, that we can't live without.

With all the works that we did on the house last summer, we decided that the best course of action was to convert part of the garage into a room because A: We'd run out of budget and B: There was no way we were going through more building works so soon. Even a year later we are still sick of it!

The Garage full of junk but great natural light!

One day as we were clearing out the garage, I got a little stroppy. Most of the items we had in the garage were items we had stored with the purpose of turning one end of the garage into a room. A place where we could study or work or work out or relax or pray and Flyfour was wanting to throw them away. And worse, did throw them away.

Apparently, this was a good thing, as Flyfour decided there and then that by the end of the Summer he would have made the room in the garage kind of just to prove me wrong, but also to prove that he loves me... He missed the end of Summer by a matter of days, but I don't think it matters, he proved his point!

And so I present to you THE FOLLY!

View in to The Folly from the Patio

Why The Folly?

Well, one day when we were driving to pick up some supplies for Flyfour's project he said;

"Thank you for indulging me in my folly."

And I started to giggle because Strawberry Hill House, in the grounds of St Mary's University (the university I went to) is a Folly and a folly that I love.

A Folly is "a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park".

Our folly has no practical purpose (we have no idea what we are going to use it for, as all the reasons we wanted a garden room for we have that space available elsewhere in our home for us to use for that purpose), it has cost a small fortune (a very small fortune, but still a small fortune) and it's in our back garden, which compared to some houses around we think of as large.

The View from The Folly of The Garden

So The Folly was born and we think it fits in well with our other garden areas and is going to be the perfect place to hang out when it's too wet to be outside, and we'd rather not be in the living room!