Under Pressure #Review

Every few months, Dan Jon and I go to visit with his care team at our local hospital. There they measure his weight, height, his hbac (blood sugar related) and his blood pressure.

They measure his various vitals because being a Type 1 Diabetic, comes with a few challenges that are made easier when the rest of you is in good health. At home, it is easy for us to measure all of these things, and so we do our best to keep him healthy and happy.

When we were asked if we'd like to test out a Kinetic Blood Pressure Monitor, I thought this would be a great way to help keep an eye on all the families health and so it soon arrived in the post!

Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor

Taking Dan Jons blood pressure was easy, the machine was easy to set up, the reading was clear, his heart rate was around the rate it normally beats and I'm happy that his blood pressure is healthy and not an indicator of an imminent heart attack or stroke.

Top Ender had her pressure taken too, and again all was healthy, even Flyfour got in on the action, but the monitor was unable to work on me, not only do I have an incredibly slow heart rate, but it in a rather nice way reminded me that I'm overweight and so couldn't take my reading.

So is it worth having a machine at home?

Yes, yes it is. This little monitor will happily live in your medicine cabinet and used occasionally to monitor your blood pressure (and the three other family member readings it can be keep in its memory) will ensure all are kept in tip top health and at the first indication that something isn't right, can have you off to visit with a GP to get checked out.

We were sent the machine to review.