Lunch Plans 4th September 2018

Poor Old Dan Jon, like last year he is going back to School a day earlier than Top Ender. This year he also has to put up with the fact that Top Ender starts Seminary and so our "normal" routine of getting up and having a cooked breakfast is a little... well it's a little changed. Luckily Dan Jon has some great lunches to look forward to and, hopefully, that will make his morning run a little smoother... Yeah, I don't think it will either.

Top Ender goes back to School on Wednesday and has asked to take a lunch to School with her until she has checked out what specials the canteen are doing, and when. So I'm planning on a couple of weeks of lunch every day before she picks a day or two to eat at School.

A Bento style packed lunch

Tuesday - Pizza Pockets

We have a little thermos lunch box that Dan Jon will have warm Pizza Pockets in. In his "other" lunch bag, he'll have a milkshake, some cucumber, some fruit salad and a couple of small homemade cookies.

Wednesday - Salad and Ham Wrap

I'll team the wrap with some carrot sticks with dip (Hummus most likely), a small yoghurt, a bottle of water and some popcorn and call it good.

Thursday - Sushi

My children are of course far too boring to like "real" sushi, so they are having fake sushi made with wraps (Why, yes I did have wraps to use up from yesterday, how did you know?). This will be accompanied with some fruit and a treat of either a homemade cookie or muffin depending on what's left from after School snacking!

Friday - Fish and Chips/Pizza Pockets

The one thing that we do know about Dan Jon's school is that Friday is fish and chips for lunch and Dan Jon is having that each week between now and the October half term (or possibly Christmas). Top Ender is going to have Pizza Pockets and the rest of the meal that Dan Jon had on Tuesday.