An Almost Unexpected Haircut

In a move that I believe is typical of many Mothers, I quite often "forget" to get my hair cut. Well, I don't forget, I just tend to not put it at the top of my to-do list, because despite one of my best friends being a hairdresser, I put everything for me last. Then a couple of weeks ago, my husband mentioned to me that I really should get my hair cut, as I'd done nothing but complain about it. I really did need it cut, the split ends were out of control and so I bit the bullet and called my friend to arrange for me to visit with her and have a hair-cut at the same time.

PippaD having her hair coloured at a previous appointment

My friend happened to be free that day, so I went round and as we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks, we started chatting about everything, whilst also confirming that my friend could cut as much of my hair off as needed.

As we chatted, me sitting on a chair with a hairdressers gown around me, my friend was busy chatting and setting up her equipment. At the time, neither of us were thinking much about the haircut, we were far more interested in our conversation and having a good old catch up.

I could see that she was plugging something in and I saw that she was holding clippers, but I thought nothing of it. Maybe it was a way of giving a textured cut, maybe it was the only way to give the cut that I needed. I didn't know, I'm not a hairdresser! My friend is, however, and I trust her so I ignored her prep and carried on chatting with her.

It was then that my friend started cracking up, having realised what it was that she was doing. My friend had started getting her equipment ready for my cut and on top of her bag were her clippers. She went to move them, but because she and I were chatting she was a little distracted and started plugging the clippers in...

We're fairly sure that we'd still be friends, even if I had accidentally had half the hair on my head shaved off, but we're glad we didn't have to find out!