Social Hibernation

I've been thinking of this period of social distancing as a bit like a Hibernation rather than a metamorphosis. We are all staying home, (well those of us who are socially responsible and when we aren't working that is), we all seem to be taking stock and looking to see what is important to us and I'm sure I'm not the only one who is eating and sleeping a lot more. See, hibernation.

There have been several posts on various social media sites with people saying that now that they have oodles of time that they have realised that their work-life balance was out of whack and that they were going to ensure that when life got back to "normal" that they weren't going to live the same lifestyle again. I'm so pleased that people are being able to see positives to this, that they are seeing what is important to them and that they can take steps to make important things a priority in their lives.

For me the things that are important are Family, Community, Faith, Work, Good Mental Health, Hobbies, Exercise and Friends. Good Hygiene should probably be on there too! These are all things that I make time for in my life. I slot things into my schedule to ensure that I have enough time for all of the above so I don't really need to readjust my work-life balance. Even after I started my job last September, I have found that I have plenty of time to do things that bring me joy and having a job that I actually enjoy and seem to be good at is great for my own sense of wellbeing.

Postcard saying Family surrounded by flowers

As most of you know, I volunteer officially twice a week, once at Church and once with Brownies and give back to my local community in other ways too. I spend time with my family and had just been organising having dinner with my Mum once a week, although I think chatting via a video call once a week on top of a weekly visit might be a fun addition to our plans.

I spend time with friends, mostly online but that is honestly the way I like it, which might be why I like this lockdown so much. I mean I'm being told to do exactly what I like to do; Stay at home, socialise on the internet, not go shopping and keep away from everyone!

I have hobbies that I love and frequently partake in such as knitting, drawing, blogging, reading and Flyfour and I try to do some exercise by going for a walk at least once a week, but I think that we might increase now that we are getting used to our short walk around the estate late each night.

This Social Hibernation time has seen me draw closer to our neighbours. I've dropped notes into several of the "older" residents of our street and gave my contact numbers (and email just in case!). I have had a few text conversations with a couple of the ladies who live a few doors up, but so far they've not taken up my offer of shopping for supplies for them. They just want to know that someone is there.

This Social Hibernation time has seen me draw closer to my family. Chats, photos, memes, comments on Facebook, anything to let them know that we are here and thinking of them. And of course, Flyfour and the children are also benefiting from my extra time... although I think Flyfour has had enough of me as he has said I've been acting really weird in the last few days. It's not true, I'm not acting more weird than usual, I just want some attention!

This Social Hibernation time has seen me take up a new skill. Top Ender and I are learning British Sign Language, and I can't wait to use it with some of the children and teachers at school who sign. I had learnt a few phrases because there was a weekly visitor (and will be again) who is deaf and I wanted to be able to say Hello, How can I help etc. The lady actually taught me a couple of other signs too, because she could see I was making an effort. I can't wait to show her what I've learnt and to have a conversation with her.

This Social Hibernation time hasn't seen me realise I need a better work life balance, but it has allowed me to see how very blessed I am to have such a wonderful life.