What We Are Eating W/C 25th April 2020

Flyfour and I were talking about small changes we will be making to our lifestyle once the lockdown is lifted. How we are going to try not to rely on Takeaways so often, how we are going to try to go shopping once every couple of weeks, how we are going to keep the snack cupboard stocked with snacks, how we are going to allow ourselves to drink the sodas we want to, or the flavoured water or the "expensive" brand of squash and if we carry on as we have been whilst in lockdown all whilst spending less money too!

With that in mind, here is what we are doing for our main meals this week.

Bacon Puff Pastry Wraps, home made by Flyfour

Saturday - Bacon and Cheese Puffs with Baked Beans

Flyfour is getting so great at making these, that I might have to set up a rival fast food place to a very popular store whose names starts and ends with a G. Only joking, I only want him to make them for me and the children because they are so lush!

Sunday - Beef Strip Pie

I picked up a packet of Frozen Beef strips last weekend when I was shopping as I wasn't sure if a recipe that Dan Jon was making called for Mince or Beef Strips. As it was mince, I figured we could have pie today, with roast potatoes and a dairy-free broccoli and cauliflower cheese side dish.

Monday - Fish Cakes

I was thinking we could eat this in buns, and have Fish burgers, but I don't think the family would forgive me, so I'm going to do them with wedges and hope that they appreciate that I'm giving them a portion of food they love, even if it is accompanied by a portion of food they hate.

Tuesday - Veggie Pasta

Pasta and sauce is amazingly simple to make, and even easier to add extra vegetables to so that you can ensure that your entire family are getting some of the good stuff in them. I'll get Dan Jon to cook with me, so that he can add another dish to his "I can help make that!" list. 

Wednesday - Chicken Curry and Rice

I'll get Flyfour to make this as along with the Curry, he'll also make some Naan breads, as he's rather good at them!

Thursday - Toasties and Soup

I actually have no idea if this is what we will have or not, but I kinda want toasties so I hope it is!

Friday - Chicken in Honey Mustard Sauce with Pasta

I have some frozen chicken pieces that I want to use, but I didn't want us to be eating a load of potatoes again this week (although let's admit they are the best food ever) so thought I'd switch it up a little by having it with Pasta. Which is my second favourite food!

So, that is what I'm planning on us eating this week. What are you eating?