The Last Cookie

So, I felt a bit hungry as I had eaten breakfast several hours before this story takes place and I did the normal thing, I went downstairs to get a snack. I was hanging out in my bedroom doing some secret crafting for Dan Jon's birthday and just enjoying everything being quiet because the children were awake and up, but not really doing anything out of their rooms, which is fine because technically it is the Easter break and all they need to worry about each day is getting up and having some fun.

To find a snack, I first I stood in front of the open fridge and freezer, there was nothing but frozen vegetables and leftovers and whilst the Lamb hotpot was nice, this wasn't a lamb hotpot snack kind of moment.

So, I went to the pantry, where the "good" snacks live.

I ignored Dan Jon's Cherry Bakewells which he doesn't actually know about because I haven't shared the fact that they are his with him just yet. Look, they are my favourite too and I might want to have one or two at some point in the next day or so, okay!

I ignored Flyfour's very nice looking breakfast bar things because the man snacks more than anyone I know and would know if I'd stolen one of his snacks.

I even ignored Top Ender's cans of mandarin bits because whilst she would more than willingly share, I spotted something in my area of the cupboard that was perfect and so I came out the cupboard with a chocolate-coated cookie.

This would be a worthy snack.

Home Made Cookies

First of all, it's small so it's snack-sized. Secondly, it's sweet and there's coconut in them so I could pretend that they were healthy.

There was only one problem, there was just one cookie left. One cookie that I could savour and enjoy and crunch and munch and get a bit of a sugary hit from before having lunch a couple of hours later.

Excitedly, I snuck back upstairs to eat my cookie snack, but when I sat down on my bed my hand was empty!

There was no cookie on my bedside table, or in my pocket or on the bed.

Where had the cookie gone?!


Then I realised, there was coconut in my teeth. I had absent-mindedly eaten the cookie on the short walk back to my room. I hadn't savoured it. I hadn't cherished it and now I was cookieless.

Who ate all the cookies?

Me, I did.