What We Are Eating W/C 4th April 2020

Isn't it funny, I've had all this "extra" time at home and so far all I've managed to do is sort out the drawers which once held oodles of craft items (now I have a drawer of art things, a drawer of sewing things, a drawer of paper things and a drawer of knitting projects), learn a bit of sign language and eat a lot of biscuits that Flyfour keeps making. So this is what we're eating this week, other than the biscuits of course.

A tin of home made Cookies

Saturday - Bits and Pieces

We're eating bits and pieces from the Freezer tonight, there are a few ready-meals left and "bits" such as a couple of Chicken goujons and Sausage Rolls, so somebody really might have a bits and pieces meal. I'm hoping it will be me because I can never make my mind up over what I want!

Sunday - Chicken and Roasties

The family and I love a proper Roast and in the next seven days, we get THREE! We're really lucky that we have everything we need, although of course if we run out of vegetables, we'll go to the supermarket at some point this week, but as we're also shopping for my Mum we'll need to do that anyway. And by we, I mean me.

Monday - Pizza 

Today we should have been flying out to Rome, where we were spending a couple of days before heading south to visit Pompei and some other parts of "middle" Italy. I've managed to get Flyfour to agree to a little bit of fun today, so we're going to have Italian for our evening meal!

Tuesday - Sausages and Mash

Hopefully, everyone won't notice that I'm serving it with peas and gravy instead of beans!

Wednesday - Fishcakes and Chips

The family are not happy, but I don't care, I'm making Fishcakes.

Thursday - Chicken Kievs and Mash

Hopefully, I'll be able to pick some up from the Supermarket, as I need them to be Gluten Free, Dairy Free and also tasty. That doesn't describe my homemade kiev's!

Friday- Roast Lamb with potatoes and vegetables

It's Good Friday! So we'll be having Roast lamb today and spending the day not eating Easter Eggs unless I get out and get some soon!