What We Are Eating W/C 11th April 2020

You will probably notice that this week's meals are a little heavy on the potatoes. That's because we have a huge bag of them and really need to use them up before they go soft, sprout or whatever else it is that potatoes do when they aren't eaten quickly enough. Still, everyone in the house loves potatoes and Top Ender and I are loving the peeling crisps that I'm making whenever I peel potatoes!

Anyway, here is our potato-based diet meal plan! 

A Bowl of Potatoes ready to be washed and cooked

Saturday - Leftover Cottage Pie

Instead of a roast yesterday Flyfour and I made a Cottage Pie. Well, actually Flyfour made it and I just made the mash and cut the carrots, but it was so lovely and absolutely huge, so we'll have the leftovers tonight!

Sunday - Roast Lamb and EVERYTHING

Yay! Roast Lamb on Easter Sunday is a tradition that we are able to continue with. Flyfour is in charge and so will be making Roasties, Yorkshire Puddings and whatever veg is in the fridge or freezer (so carrots and peas then). If everyone is super lucky, he might even let us have an Apple Crumble for supper too.

Monday - Jacket Potatoes with Tuna and/or Beans

I might get the children to make these, but seeing as the potatoes need to be scrubbed to within an inch of their lives, it might be safer if I make them! Luckily with a little help from the microwave this is a fairly quick meal to do when I get in from work.

Tuesday - Lamb Hot Pot

Using the leftover lamb from Sunday, and the potatoes from the big never-ending bag that we need to use I figured a hot pot would be a good choice!

Wednesday - Fishcakes and Wedges

Yummy yummy in my tummy, but everyone else will complain and I don't care!

Thursday - Sausage and Lentil stew with Mash

I managed to get some Gluten Free Sausages in the Supermarket the other day, so a Sausage and lentil stew (with some onions, garlic and some stock) along with some mash will make tonight's meal all super yummy.

Friday - Chicken with Herby Diced Potatoes

I think this might be Top Ender's favourite meal ever, and so seeing as we seem to have an abundance of frozen chicken in the freezer, I don't mind having it fairly often, or at least what seems like fairly often to the rest of us!

So that is what we are planning on eating this week. How about you?