My New Podcast - Coming Soon!

For a couple of years now I've been wanting to start a Podcast. I've had ideas of what it could be about, what I would chat about, what I would call it, what I would ask guests that I would have join me and I even recorded a pilot episode or two, ready to get my friends and family to listen to and give some feedback.

The last time that I was really serious, roughly a year ago, and had almost everything in place I then foolishly went and got a job and that put an end to that version of the dream. A weekly hour-long podcast wasn't something that I had the time for along with my calling, my volunteering, my job, my family and the other hundred or so things I seem to squeeze into a week.

Then over lockdown, I was bitten by the bug again, but it wasn't until someone unconnected to me said something that I realised I had to do this.

PippaD having a realisation of what she's got to do!

One of my work colleagues was sitting with me at the Reception desk, whilst we were signing in some parents who were coming to see their child's form tutor. I had developed a little bit of a routine for the parents, joking with the children about if they had prepared their parents for a bad report by offering to do the dishes, cook the evening meal and promises to tidy up their bedroom or talking to the child as if they were the adult and their parent was the child coming to see the teacher and my work colleague joined in with my jokes.

It was a good giggle, we were all enjoying ourselves and as the most recent set of parents left the reception, I sunk down into my chair I turned to my colleague and said "I'm so funny, I should start a podcast!", When a female voice piped up from the other side of the desk, "You so should! We'd listen".

I was mortified.

I hadn't realised that the family were still in Reception, they had heard what I'd said to my colleague as a testing the waters joke, but had readily agreed that I was funny enough to record a podcast that they would listen to.

And so, I was bitten and I had an idea that I thought was good.

I did nothing but think about it for a few days, living the rest of my life on autopilot, just thinking over and over about who I could get to co-host with me, what we'd talk about, what we'd be called and I even put up a semi-cryptic Facebook post because I had an idea of who I wanted to volunteer to join in with me but I didn't want to be as brave as to ask them!

Within a few hours of posting, everything changed.

Flyfour came home from work and when I told him about the idea I'd been thinking about he pushed me to start the Podcast alone. Within a few minutes of the push from Flyfour I had the idea fine-tuned, decided on a name and created a logo, set up a Facebook page and Flyfour helped me with the technical stuff.

So now, I have a podcast.

About 10 Minutes with PippaD Podcast logo

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