What We Are Eating W/C 15th August 2020

I swear I just blinked and the last week passed before I'd reopened my eyes. Still, with the speed time is going it must mean it is nearly Christmas right? What? It's too early to mention the C-word? Are you sure you and I are friends?!

Here's what we are eating this week!

Keep Christmas in your heart all year quote

Saturday - Family Come Dine With Me

A lot of my friends have been doing this over lockdown but finally, we are joining in with the trend. I've been very generous and put up a cash prize, and the family have a budget of which to feed the four of us a starter, a main meal and dessert!

Dan Jon is first up this evening, followed by Top Ender, then Flyfour and finally me thanks to some lucky spins.... or unlucky!

Sunday - Afternoon Tea

I was trying to think of something that we could do that was fun, that fed us and wasn't "too" much. So I decided afternoon tea. We'll get Flyfour and Top Ender to make some Scones, we'll pick up some little cake/sweet treats on our weekly shop and Dan Jon and I can be in charge of making some finger sandwiches.

I might even insist that everyone dresses up!

Monday - Quiche and Salad

I may have to swap the meals around this week, as having Quiche and Salad today is very dependant on Flyfour not being here. Whilst we love him lots, his inability to eat eggs means this isn't a dish we can eat with him.

I'll make the quiche with peppers and probably bacon to keep the children happy, but use soya milk and dairy-free cheese so Top Ender can eat it too.

Tuesday - Toasties

I've finally got around to buying a new toastie maker after our last one decided to die on us mid-toast and my one with the removable plates (so I could also make Waffles and Panini's) also died the same week! Maybe I will get a new Waffle toaster this week so we can have waffles again too. I really did love my waffles!

Wednesday - Pasta Tuna Salad

The problem I have with my family is that they are very set in their ways. Sure they let me go crazy once or twice a year and have food challenges but generally, they like the same dishes and made the same ways. Don't get me wrong, I'd happily eat the same four or five dishes every week, but it's just my four or five dishes are very different from their four or five dishes.

So tonight we have Tuna Salad with Pasta for our evening meal, they'll eat it. I'll be happy because it's fish (and pasta but that's another story) but they'll be happy because they won't see a lot of actual "salad" because it's all chopped up small.

Thursday - Takeaway

Tonight we'll be having a take away to either celebrate or commiserate with Top Ender and her GCSE Results. We have no clue what the Takeaway will be until we know what her results are and if we are celebrating (Chinese probably) or commiserating (Comfort food).

Whatever we have to eat, and whatever her results, can I just say now that we're proud of Tops for what she has achieved because we're pretty certain that she's awesome.

Friday - Stuffed Peppers

We had stuffed peppers once or twice when the children have been doing Egyptian topic at school. Both have refused to eat it afterwards, but I loved them and will sometimes have them for lunch. I thought that tonight I'd do a version that they may enjoy more than the one just filled with rice and veggies, by adding in some chicken for Dan Jon, some beef for Tops and Flyfour and I'll go with some fish. I'm sure it'll be lush and I can't wait to eat them!

So this is what I am planning on feeding my family this week. Is there anything you think we should give a try?


  1. Wow, that s one super busy meal plan. I wish i can be as organised as you. My meal plan is usually in the morning for dinner! I like quiche very much especially the ones with spinach in it. Tuna salad is not my fav but I love cold tuna-mayo sandwiches with cucumber. How about trying trying some stir-fry chicken/beef /pork dishes. They are super fast and easy, just throw in meat and veg and it is done!!


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