Summer Time = Me Time

Just before the Summer holidays started, I sat down and wrote a list of things that I wanted to do whilst I was off work. In the end, I had sixteen different things on my list, some were small daily things, some were big summer projects, some exercised my brain, some were to relax me, some were to make things better in my home, some were to allow me to be creative... basically they were all about me and in no way am I going to apologise for that!

The only problem was, the first day I had off I couldn't concentrate at home on relaxing and taking time out for me because I knew there was a massive project at work that needed to be completed before September and I didn't think I would have enough time to do it on the few days I'd be in work over the Summer.

The view from under the tree I like to relax under

So I decided to go into work, unpaid, and do as much as I could to help this project along. I even bribed Top Ender to come in with me to help me do some of the grunt work, and to help move things along a little quicker because there was no way I wanted to spend my entire summer doing unpaid work! As soon as the work was completed, it seriously felt like a weight was taken off. Suddenly I could relax and I spent the afternoon feeling lighter and ready for some time off.

And that's where we find me right now.

Time off, sitting in the garden, relaxing and just enjoying the sunshine and a dose of vitamin D.

I blooming love Summer.