Yet More Gardening

When Flyfour and I started working on our garden, around the start of lockdown, I came to understand that gardening is a long old job and realised that rather like losing weight, a little each week makes it easier in the long term and more likely that I'd keep up with the chores. So I've been weeding a little bit every day, I've been snipping bits here and there and mostly remembering to water the plants, especially on the hot days.

This last weekend though, I had a plan. I asked Flyfour to go to a local garden centre with me so that I could buy some plants to fill the bed beneath our plum and pear tree. I really wanted to buy the same plants so that I could recreate the bed between the apple and pear tree as I love the way it looks.

Only, the plants I wanted weren't available at a price I wanted to pay.

The dark/purple and red bed

So we thought about it and decided to pick plants that were similar in structure, and would complement the bed it was next to (well apart from the pear tree being in the middle!) and decided to go with "pale" versions of the plants.

Flyfour was very confused when he came out to see how I had planted up the bed, he had assumed when I said next to that I meant across from (yeah I have no idea either) and so wasn't sure why I'd planted them where I had, but agreed that as they establish themselves in the next few years, the two beds will be lovely mirrors of each other.

The light yellow/green bed

Now, I just need to keep reading all the blogs and websites about gardening that I can find to learn more about gardening, the hints and tips for keeping on top of the weeding, pruning and all the other things that I need to learn to be able to keep a nice garden.

I may never be the standard of gardeners that my grandparents were, but I hope to at least be able to keep a fairly nice garden!