3AM And We're Both Awake

It was the middle of the night and Flyfour and I were laying in bed, wide awake and giggling under the covers.

I'm sure we aren't the only couple who are often awake together at 3am. For us, it's normally because one of us has gone to check on Dan Jon and has finally come back to bed after an hour of lows, and as we climb back into the warm sanctuary that we call bed, we accidentally disturb the slumber of the other. A short conversation might follow, where we confirm what DJ's blood sugars were, or more often a muttered "need more snooze" but for some reason this pariticular night we were both wide awake.

Flyfour and PippaD

I'm not sure what started it, but Flyfour started doing impressions of various actors and characters from TV shows gone by.

Big Bird.
Kermit T Frog.
Dora The Explorer.
Kenneth Williams.
Otis The Aadvark.

I'm sure it was the lack of sleep and not the fact that Flyfour is nowhere as near as good at impressions as he thinks he is, that lead me to giggle as loudly as I did at each attempt. Flyfour feigned indignation at my giggles, to the point that Top Ender, on her way to the bathroom, called out to us to "Stop Bickering!" and after her trip to the bathroom was called to join in with the giggles whilst Flyfour did impression after impression leaving Top Ender and I giggling in the darkness.

Eventually Top Ender left, back to her own bed and to sleep and Flyfour kept up with his terrible impressions until one of us fell asleep, the other drifting off not long after.

It's moments like this, 3AM moments filled with giggles in the dark, that when I'm old and grey (Okay, older and greyer than I am now) that I think I will remember most clearly. Maybe Flyfour will have mastered an impression or two by then.