What We Are Eating W/X 23 January 2021

I had everything ready last week to post, and for some reason just didn't get around to posting. This did mean I had no clue what we were supposed to be eating each night, did accidentally not eat two of the meals I'd purchased ingredients for and now have so little space in the fridge and freezer that everyone has been reminded that lunches should be "typical" lunches and not something we'd have for an evening meal!

Honestly, whilst I do kinda love the lockdown lifestyle (I could live with never seeing anyone), I do miss the bit where the children (and husband) don't eat us out of house and home and only leave the "healthy" ingredients in the fridge untouched...

Ham and Salad Wraps

Saturday - Burgers

We really enjoyed the burgers we had a couple of Saturdays ago, so we're having them again today. Well, the children and Flyfour are having beef burgers I'm having giant mushrooms again because they were really lovely the last time.

Sunday - Roast Chicken

We decided to have a proper roast this week and decided on a chicken. We're going to have some veg (sprouts and carrots are my thinking) along with a cauliflower cheese. If I'm cooking I'm going to serve it on giant Yorkshire Pudding slices, and if it is Flyfour then we'll have little round ones. Either way there will probably be enough roast potatoes to serve the entire street and puddles of gravy.

Monday - Pesto Crumbed Salmon and Crispy Potatoes

I'll combine gluten free breadcrumbs with pesto and a little lactose free cheese to cover the top of the Salmon and bake in the oven for ten minutes or so and serve with crispy potatoes, which I'll roast with onions, peppers and probably some sprouts leftover from yesterday!

I would be having Haggis, neeps and tatties as it's Burns night, but my family are just not the sort to join in with the eating of some of my favourite traditional comfort foods.

Tuesday - Pasta

Flyfour isn't going to be around for our meal this evening, so the children and I will have pasta, because it is possibly my favourite food ever. As we have a tonne of ingredients that I keep in the house that can easily be added to pasta, I'm not sure what kind we will have, but I'm guessing the children will go for slices of grilled bacon and cheese. I'll probably go for mushrooms and red onion or maybe we'll all go for tuna and sweetcorn!

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes and Casserole

I have Rainbows and Brownies tonight, so we'll be eating in the magic half hour between the two sessions. I'm going to put Jacket potatoes in the slow cooker and serve with Casserole I froze a few weeks back, hopefully everyone will be happy and if Flyfour is home in time there will be leftovers for him to enjoy... I don't hold out much hope however.

Thursday - Leftovers

I'm sure I can't be the only one who does this, but I need to clean out the fridge (and the freezer) of all the half eaten packets, pots of leftovers and the vegetables at the bottom of the fridge which have probably seen better days. There is probably two packs of open bacon as the family seem to not to check as thoroughly as I would and I know for a fact there is some brie that needs using up...

I'll offer everything to everyone, or just cook it all and let people serve themselves from the mixture of dishes on the butchers table!

Friday - Pizza

We won't see Flyfour until late tonight either! I know, the man is at work more than I am (jokes, neither of us ever clock off) and so I decided we're having pizza. Hopefully the children haven't eaten all the cheese during the week...