What We Are Eating W/C 2 January 2021

A new year, a new start and I really need to think what our February challenge is going to be. We did joke about an alphabet challenge but I'm not sure I can pull that one off! You might notice a lot of veggie meals on the menu this week... hopefully, the family won't notice and moan but I'm fed up of eating meat so everyone can live my preferred diet this week!

A table full of food, just the way I like it

Saturday - Home Made Burgers

I'll have a halloumi burger, with tomato and mushrooms, but I have a feeling the rest of the family will opt for meat burgers, with cheese, bacon and vegan cheese (that is so funny).

We'll serve with homemade chunky chips and salad and possibly because it is our last hurrah before we're back to a normal routine of work and school a pudding. I might make a cheesecake, but I'm just as likely to make a fruit salad!

Sunday - Top Ender's 17th Birthday!

As is the tradition in our family, on your birthday you pick what we all eat. Tops had wanted to go for a meal out either last night or tomorrow night, but being in tier 4 we knew that wasn't possible so she thought long and hard before deciding what she'd have.

She decided on Homemade Sausage Pie with Mash. She did say she didn't want all the usual fillings, but I misheard her and so am planning on making it with onions and some mashed veggies (in the pie) and carrots on the side.

Monday - Home Made Pizza

When Dan Jon made pizza the other week, I told him that my pizza base is WAY better, so we're having that tonight. We have plenty of vegan cheese (because Tops and Flyfour can't eat lactose), we have plenty of tomato paste and I'm sure there are other ingredients hiding around the cupboard (tins of pineapple, plenty of frozen peppers and onion, red onion, tuna, olives, mushrooms and probably some bacon and ham if you're so inclined.) which means everyone will be happy with their choice.

Tuesday - Some kind of Fish Dish

We're not having Fish Pie, we're not having Fish and Chips, we're not having Salmon or Fish fingers, but I want something with Fish... I just don't know what!

I guess I'll get some Cod pieces and do some kind of tomato and herb crust, along with some crispy potatoes and vegetables along with some spinach which I think I'll serve sauted with garlic... or possibly pine nuts.

Wednesday - Puttanesca Pasta

I think this might be my favourite dish.

Any Italians I know are busy swearing at me for only liking this dish because it's something to do with prostitutes and hating the fact that I don't put in capers or olives or anchovies or whatever else it is that is supposed to be in it and instead just putting in all the things I have in my freezer, fridge and pantry.

Then again, I keep a healthy supply of tomatoes, spring onions, mushooms and a tonne of other "great" with pasta staples in my fridge, freezer and pantry at all times so I figure they'll be alright with it if they wanted a bowl!

Thursday - Soup and Toasties

Gluten free, dairy free and something everyone will eat! Seeing as I blew up my last soup maker and haven't purchased a replacement yet, I'm relying on tinned soups as I can never blend the veg well enough to make a smooth soup like the children like (I like a lump or seven)!

Friday - Jacket Potatoes

Flyfour's least favourite meal, but one of my favourites! I'll ignore that Flyfour doesn't eat the potato skin and just concentrate on eating my own. We'll have the usual pizza toppings that the children like (leftovers from Monday) and I'll have tuna and spring onion on mine and Flyfour will probably take all of the above to disguise the fact he's eating a jacket potato.

So that's what we are eating this week, how about you?


  1. Good luck with the veggie meals. My family always seem to notice when I miss the meat out of a meal. We had veggie fajitas a while ago and they thought they were being ripped off because there was no meat. lol
    Happy birthday to Top Ender!
    I love the sound of the Puttanesca Pasta. x


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