Hospital Jokes

My Mum had to go to the hospital recently, and I had volunteered to take and collect her, despite her appointment being incredibly early for a Saturday morning. We had driven across to the hospital in fine spirits, me trying to make up some lost time as my Mum was running late and talking about various TV shows that we both love. My Mum was nervous, but trying not to show it and so instead of kicking her out at the door, I parked in the drop off zone and walked my Mum into the Reception area of the department she was attending.

We were cracking jokes at each other the whole time, and then as I left her sitting in the corridor waiting to be collected by the Nursing team, I knew I needed to do something special when I came back to collect her. I spent the next two hours thinking up puns that I could use to greet my Mum or jokes I could play. I came up with a lot, but knowing that she was going to be given sedation and would be a little drugged up when I collected her, I figured greeting her as "Drugsy Malone!" would be funny, not my best work, but enough that it would give my Mum and the discharging team a laugh.

PippaD and her Mum from one of their adventures

I could hear my Mum as I sat in the waiting area when it was time to collect her. She was chatting with a Nurse, I couldn't make out what she was saying but I know her cadence that was my Mum speaking from behind the closed doors. As they got closer I could hear the Nurse answering saying that she was glad that my Mum had family collecting her today and I should be waiting in the corridor where she had been earlier that morning.

As the doors swung open, sure enough, there was my Mum and a Nurse. I could see the Nurse notice me sat in the corridor and notice the similarities between my Mum and me when suddenly my Mum exclaimed;

"That's not my daughter!"

The Nurse looked equally horrified and confused, and in that brief second looked as if she may drag my Mum back behind the safety of the lockable ward doors rather than hand her over to the stranger sitting in the corridor allegedly come to collect her.

My Mum and I however started cracking up and the Nurse realised it was a joke.

I'm not sure if I'm upset that my Mum made a cracker of a joke, or that because she and I were laughing so hard that I forgot to call her Drugsy Malone!


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