Ready To Change The World

Every once in a while I wake up ready to change. 

Ready to change the world, change my bad habits, change my life.

Don't get wrong, my life is pretty damn perfect. I have an amazing family, a job that I love, amazing colleagues and friends. I get to do hobbies that I love, I've had many opportunities to stretch and grow and learn.

PippaD on the beach

There are things that I want to change though. Things that I need to change so I can make sure I'm the best me I can be.

I know I need to get a better grip on my health and weight.
I know that I need to be more serious about my religious studies.
I know that I need to work harder on my studies.
I know I'm a terrible housewife and need to work better on keeping my home better.

The problem of course is once I wake up, I lose motivation to change.

I'm lazy.
I'm easily distracted and lose focus.
I find myself demotivated when I don't see instant results.
I try to squeeze so much in that I don't have time to think and reflect and well that's a recipe for disaster.

Today, Good Friday, I'm going to try a little solemn reflection.

I'm going to put my faith in Christ.
I'm going to let him guide me and direct my path.
I'm going to give him my disappointments, my problems my fears and my trust.