What We Are Eating This Week WC 3 April 2021

There is an unwritten rule in our house that if I haven't made a proper meal plan, one where I've written down what we are eating and put it on the blog then we get to eat takeaway every night. Oh and we also don't have to eat healthily and we don't have to actually eat, we can just snack and eat countless rounds of Cheese Toasties with the lactose-free mozzarella because that makes the best toasties...

So I'm back to writing everything down.

Salsa and Chips a favourite snack if I've forgotten to write the meals down

Saturday - Burgers and Onion Rings

One of the best things about Saturday nights is when we have a meal together. Well Flyfour and I do, the children run away and leave us alone... I wonder what sneaky meal I could get for Flyfour and I to have instead of what we decide to have with the children?!

Sunday - Roast

It's Easter Sunday, and yes I may be busy watching General Conference, but I'm still needing to eat and celebrate EASTER. I wonder if I could ask Flyfour to make Cauliflower Cheese, Yorkshire Puddings and little sausages wrapped in bacon?!

Monday - Chicken and Potatoes

I had wanted to have a Roast today, but Flyfour said no. He's so mean. He's right, but he's still mean. Instead, we're having chicken and potatoes... yes that sounds awfully close to a roast, but it's not it's different.

It's the meal I make when I'm asked to help a friend out, or when someone I know is sick and I take a meal round. It's my go to!

Tuesday - Lasagne and Garlic Bread

Flyfour isn't going to be at home for our evening meal tonight, so we're having Lasagne with pull-apart Garlic bread and Salad. I am so excited because I love Garlic Bread and I love Lasagne and I've been waiting since last Thursday for this!

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes with Tuna

Flyfour won't be home in time to eat with us again this evening, so we're having a meal that he hates and we all love. Jacket Potatoes with tuna and spring onion. I'll serve it with Salad and I'm drooling a little already.

Thursday - Salmon and Pasta with Spinach

The thing I love about Salmon and spinach is that no matter what you do sauce wise, tomato, pesto or cream or cheese or just left "naked" it tastes good. I'll either do cream or pesto tonight, depending on how I feel when it comes to making our evening meal.

Friday - Fend For Yourself

Everyone can do what they want tonight. Pasta? Fine, cook it and eat it. Leftovers? Fine, reheat them and eat them. Sandwich? Yup, you've got it. Make it and eat it.

So that's what we are eating this week. How about you?


  1. hahaha! I think my family would like your unwritten rule. They would happily eat takeaway every night if I didn't meal plan.
    Great meal plan.
    Burgers and onion rings is such a Saturday night meal. We're having fried chicken, fries and onion rings. x


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