Making The Most Of It

The plan for this summer was that we were going to purchase new garden furniture. Our garden is looking pretty good because of the work we have put in over the last couple of years and so we figured we deserved a new set of table and chairs on the patio to eat at and a sofa type thing on the deck so we could enjoy the last of the evening sun in comfort.

We were going to get a Fire Pit or a Chiminea or even one of those Patio Heaters that you get outside pubs so that we could sit on the patio long after the sun had set and still be warm, without the need of blankets, cardigans and a thousand other layers.

We were going to buy a Pizza oven so that in addition to our BBQ we could spend more time eating outside, enjoying not only the new furniture and the fire pit/chiminea/patio heater but each other's company too.

The plan was that we were going to make the most of our outdoor space.

Our Lovely Garden

So I purchased a Pizza Oven as a birthday present to myself. A rather expensive birthday gift, but one that I have wanted for quite a while and one that I am pretty sure we'd use as everyone here loves pizza, especially homemade pizza.

It was only as I was thinking about purchasing a new sunshade, a new table and chairs, the fire pit etc that I got worried that we wouldn't make the most of the new items. That the pizza oven was going to become an expensive mistake.

That the endless pool I wanted to purchase (Unlike my friends who made one I'm not that smart, handy or work minded!) and was going to need to save up FOREVER to purchase would be an even more expensive mistake.

I mean, for several years now we have had a rather snazzy BBQ, which we don't tend to use very often. We have an amazing deck that we don't sit on, as much as we had hoped (well I spend time on it most days) and I was sure that the pizza oven was going the same way.

I spoke to Top Ender about it, how I wanted to make sure that we made the most of our garden, that if we purchased a patio heater that we didn't just use it once and never again. I wanted to make sure that the pizza oven wasn't a one-hit-wonder.

We agreed that it was up to us to make sure we used the BBQ, that we used the Pizza oven and that maybe this year we should save instead of buying the other items we wanted, ready to buy a more expensive table and chair set if we proved that this summer we did use the items we already own.

This is why yesterday evening, we had a BBQ. A rather lovely way to enjoy our outdoor space together and a lovely way to spend some family time together too.

We're making the most of it