A Big Confession!

I recently shared on Facebook a huge secret that I'd been hiding, because I knew that people were going to be shocked and I was honestly a little... well a big bit annoyed that evening.

You see, about a month before my birthday I suddenly decided that I wanted a party. It was my 45th birthday and I wanted to make it special for some reason. I had thought that what I would do was hire my local cinema and invite all my friends and family to come watch a favourite film with me. I thought it would be fun, I'd get everyone to dress up as a character from one of my favourite films and it would use be good clean fun.

Only, my birthday was a couple of weeks before Eurovision, and in order for Top Ender to be part of the celebration, she'd need to drive down from Hull, spend some time with us and then drive back to Hull for a week, before driving down from Hull to spend some time with us whilst watching Eurovision, before driving back to Hull and then a week later driving back down to us because term was over!

There was only one thing for it. I had to combine Eurovision and my birthday.

A rainbow streamer curtain and flags of the world

It fitted perfectly.

Eurovision = Costumes.
Pippa = Costumes.

Therefore Eurovision = Pippa.


Out went the invites, friends were excited and even though several of them weren't fans of Eurovision, they started planning their costumes and asking me for inspiration. I ordered Cake, Food, Decorations and worked out my costume.

Only... I'm not really that big a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. This was just a means to an end.

And I get it, if you know me you'd think I was really into Eurovision. I mean

  • I know far more about Eurovision than the average person.
  • I understand the scoring system.
  • I know when the United Kingdom won... and lost.
  • I have favourite songs (Ja Ja Ding Dong is a banger!).
  • I know what countries were robbed thanks to political alliances...
  • I've watched Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga about a kazillion-billion-million times.

That's because I live with two of the biggest Eurovision nerds in all history (to be clear it's Tops and Flyfour) and, I'm FORCED to endure it each year.

Only, like some weird osmosis, it's seeped into my subconscious.

This is why I can tell you why Turkey don't take part (they don't think it's fair that the Big 5 are automatically in the final, even if they do pay big bucks for the privilege), or why 1969 was a weird year (France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Spain all came first) and the reason we had a tie rule instigated.

So, there I was, committed to a Eurovsion-themed birthday bash and feeling like a fraud because everyone assumed I was some sort of superfan and I had to share the truth.

Eurovision may not be my usual cup of tea, but surrounded by friends and family, all dressed up as their favourite Eurovision entrants of years gone past, I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate turning 45!

Two guests dressed as SubwoolferAlexander Rybak and Sonia A guest dressed as a member of Scooch