What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 18th May)

Top Ender is home!

Actually, I'm not sure why I'm so happy about that. I mean obviously, I love them and I love that they are back for the summer, but it also means that the meals we eat become less... Tops knows what they like and what they don't shall we say! Plus, with Tops home, there are suddenly no leftovers, so my lunch becomes more complicated (can't just take a box of leftovers with me) and our food bill goes UP as like me she loves things like Sushi and I can't say no when she asks if I want to go with her!


So. Here's what we are eating this week.

Different types of Sushi on a plate

Saturday - Philly Cheesesteak Subs and fries

Flyfour and I were watching old episodes of Taskmaster, when someone mentioned Steak and Cheese. Flyfour immediately said he couldn't think of anything more disgusting, but I was already planning a Philly Cheesesteak sub before reminding him that they existed and that he enjoys eating them. We're serving it with fries as a side, as we have fritte sauce at home and we love it, but it's just for Dan Jon, Flyfour and I as Tops is out with a friend today. If Tops is really lucky, I may leave a sub in the fridge, but if they taste half as good as I am hoping then Tops is going to be really unlucky!

Sunday - Sticky Sausage Roast

I can't believe that this is still on regular rotation in our house, but it is a meal that we all love, that Flyfour is amazing at making, that I'm happy with because it has hidden veggies (well fruit in the form of the apple) and because there is a rule in our house that if you are cooking sausages, you always cook one extra for Mum to eat.

Mwhahahaha, I'm mad with power!

Monday - Honey Mustard Chicken and Mash

I swear, this is my feel good, be happy meal. I love the combination of honey and mustard. I love the creamy mash, I love the carrots (and hopefully spinach that I'm adding) and it just comes together as an amazing tasty dish that I'm just happy to eat.

Oh, and the rest of the family enjoy it too...

Tuesday - Chinese Meatballs with Veggie Rice

We have meatballs, I didn't want another meal with mash.

Wednesday - Fish Finger Sandwiches and Fries

I think I must have made this meal plan when I was feeling down about something, as it's just full of comfort food this week. I've recently discovered jumbo fishfingers. I don't know why I've never had them before, but they are amazing in a sandwich and with a side of fries for those of us with bigger appetites then I'm in heaven. Oh, I've just thought to mention! Fries in our house these days are normally mixed veg fries (so parsnip, carrot, sweet potato etc) because Flyfour and I like them... the children just have to suffer!

Thursday - Honey Mustard Chicken Pasta Salad (leftovers from Monday)

I know that there will be a leftover breast or two from Monday (because I'm going to make sure we buy six instead of four), so I will either cut or shred them up and add to a pasta salad.

Friday - Sausage Sandwiches and Wedges

See another comfort food dish, I mean I'm not complaining, but who hurt me?! Sausage Sandwiches, with wedges after Flyfour and I get home from the gym. If it's warm enough we'll sit in the garden and eat them and if it's not? Well, we'll wolf them down and go out for a walk!

Saturday - Lamb Kofta Flatbreads

We had this a few weeks back, as a suggestion from my list of dishes. Basically, I have this list that I add to every time I see a friend cook something amazing, or I see it on social media, or I go to a restaurant or someone in the office mentions something that sounds tasty.

One of the ladies in the office has lamb kofta quite frequently, and I finally thought to add it to our meal list and both Flyfour and Dan Jon were smitten. We serve it with a salad, and various sauces/dips to add as you see or feel fit and I can honestly say it is amazing!

Sunday - Roast

I'm not sure what we'll have as it's over a week away, but I know that we'll have a roast!

So, that's what we are planning on eating this week. How about you?