A Response

So, on my birthday a post auto-published;  A Letter To My Future Self.

And I thought I should probably post a response to answer what I am up to and what I am doing... seeing as how the one thing I really want to get back to is blogging!

Dan Jon and I spoke about the postcard the other day, he was adamant that it had been an email that they had scheduled to themselves, but at the moment I'm just hoping that they (as in the school!) haven't forgotten!

Am I still friends with Flyfour?

Graffiti in Milton Keynes that read DON'T F-ing Ask!

Well, damn luckily I am. In fact I work with him as well as being married to him, getting up to no good with him and of course still annoying the heck out of him as often as I can.

The last five years? Well, yes I guess overall they have been good. There have been some terrible moments and periods where... where things were quite honestly bloody awful, but that's not an issue now because together we can overcome.


Callings. Well, I actually can't tell you because it's not official yet... but I've been doing it for the last few months and things are organised and of the young female variety!!! It won't be a SEC before the calling is official and then I'll be continuing to support some of the best people I've known!

I'm afraid that Scripture Study is still something that we struggle with, as is Scripture reading, as is weekly Family Home Evening and erm, probably best we don't delve into the whole daily prayers thing...

In my defence, I always have a prayer in my heart, my ministering list (not just the official version) is still as abandoned as ever (although they do get a text now and then!) but everyone knows and loves me and I know and love them!

Children? I have children?!

Tops is enjoying university, third year about to start this September in Creative Writing and Film Studies and enjoying life as much as they can with Bright Pink Hair!

Dan Jon is about to start his GCSE's and he is just as laid back as he has always been... but the quip about computer games? Yeah, I forget he exists sometimes because he spends every waking minute in his room playing a computer game! Thankfully he also codes and has made some pretty cool games and is looking forward to college in September.

I got lucky in the kid department.

Improving my health. Erm, yeah. I go to a HIIT Class around six times a week, I go to the gym three times a week with Flyfour, I am training to be a PT... I'm still overweight and I'm still unhappy about that, but I am SOOO Strong, that it can almost be forgotten.

Courses? When am I not doing a course? I LOVE learning and so try to do it as much as possible.

Job role. Well I did change the role at the school and then I left and right now I'm thinking about what is next, what challenge could I understake? What am I happiest doing and being? I'm honestly not sure, but that just gives me a lot to think about doesn't it!

Thanks past me for the belief and faith in myself.... now onwards and upwards!