Date Night at Chiquito's

At the end of last year I made some Family Resolutions, one of which was that Daddy and I would have at least one date night a month. Rather fortuitously for us, Chiquito's asked if we'd like to go and sample their new menu and that they'd pay for our meal and so of course we accepted and decided to go as our January date night. It was a last minute decision to go to the restaurant (I couldn't get the motivation up to cook) and so Top Ender and Big Boy came with us.

Chiquito New Menu Napkin

I booked a table online, which I didn't need to worry about because when we arrived at the restaurant the waitress didn't worry about checking, but then that could be because the restaurant was almost empty. I've been reading the Facebook page and at some of the restaurants it's a good idea to book more than a few hours in advance like I did.

Big Boy picking up Salted Popcorn

After looking through the menu, both Big Boy and Top Ender decided to have Lasagne from the older kids menu and Daddy went for a steak. I was going to go for Fajitas, (after all would any where other than a Mexican restaurant serve great Fajitas?) but as I couldn't make my mind up went with the same as Daddy.

Chiquito LasagneChiquito Steak and Chips with Peppercorn Sauce

I don't do decisions.

The meal was nice, it wasn't spectacular but it was nice and the portion sizes were good, not too big or too small and even the puddings (it was a treat) weren't overpoweringly large as they can be in other restaurants.

Chiquito Pudding

Chiquito PuddingChiquito Pudding

The highlight of the meal for us was when Daddy tried some hot sauce, it wasn't really that hot (I didn't think it was hot at all) but it caught Daddy off guard. Both Top Ender and Big Boy were tricked into trying the sauce and they both take after their Daddy as they thought it tasted too hot and they were able to impersonate Daddy tasting the hot sauce quite well which kept us all amused right up until bedtime.

Daddy Eating Hot SauceDaddy Eating Hot Sauce

If we hadn't taken Top Ender and Big Boy then it would have been a great romantic date night for Daddy and I. The restaurant was quiet, the lights are slightly dimmed and there are candles on the table.

It's quite romantic.

We were given a voucher to pay for our meal.

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