What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 9/02)

It's a great week for celebration meals as there are three events that we like to join in with by eating food linked to them (is there any holiday that doesn't have a special dish associated with it?!). They are of course, Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday and Valentines Day.

Saturday - Nachos

I swear the only reason we are having Nachos for dinner tonight is so that Daddy and Top Ender can share their favourite joke of "That is NACHO Cheese!". In reality it's because I haven't made Guacamole in a while and I do love it.

Sunday - Chinese Banquet

As it is Chinese New Year today and the start of the Year of the Snake we thought we'd forgo our usual Roast for a Chinese Banquet. I'll make most before I go to Church and let it slow cook in our slow cookers or the oven and do the rest quicly when I get in as most of my Chinese dishes are quick to make. At the moment Chicken Stir Fry, Pork Ribs, Egg Fried Rice (Top Ender) and various other dishes I randomly decide on.

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Monday - Baked Pasta

I'm loving the meatless Monday, but I'm wishing that I could come up with dishes that were a little more adventurous than Pasta and Soup and loved by the whole family. It's harder than I thought it would be though because even though Big Boy isn't that keen on meat I still think of most meals being completed by being meat and veg. I'm hoping that by doing meatless Monday for the whole year the whole family and I will think differently.

Tuesday - Pancakes

I'm off to the theatre to see Goodnight Mister Tom with my Mum this evening. She has said that if I can persuade Daddy to let me out early we should go and have dinner at Red Hot together (it's her favourite restaurant) but as it is Shrove Tuesday and I'm the only other person who eats Pancakes (the children don't like them, the weirdos). The Children are going to have the Large Scotch Pancakes from Asda as they do love Scotch pancakes.

Wednesday - Non Fishy fish

I was thinking of doing Sardines and pasta, or possibly Fish Cakes but what ever it is to keep Daddy happy it has to be not too fishy as he still isn't a fish fan! Here is a video of me making Spooky Fish Cakes... I'll have to make some more videos like this as they are such fun.

Thursday - Steak and Lasagne

It's a tradition that we have Steak for dinner on Valentines day, this year we're hoping to have something a bit more special than eating it with Chips, Peas and Mushrooms. At this exact moment we're thinking Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes, but I have no idea if we're actually going to go through with our plan.

The Children have decided that they want Lasagne as their special meal and as a treat/bribe to go to bed early they are allowed to watch a film in bed. Top Ender has said she'd quite like to watch Cupid Dog which we were sent to review and is quite fun.

Friday - Ratatouille

We have Ratatouille with bread for dinner tonight and if you are like Top Ender then you won't be able to guess which film we're watching whilst eating it... that's right it's Ponyo. No, wait that's what Top Ender thought we'd be watching, we're watching the brilliant Ratatouille.

What are you eating this week? Are you joining in with any of the celebration meals like we are?

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