The Tech Free Fail

I attempted a Technology free day on Saturday. I failed, but I think it wasn't my fault. Let me explain.

Grand Central Station From Wreck It Ralph

To start with I didn't realise it was Midnight. I was watching The Sixth Sense (because he sees Dead People you know) and turned the TV off to go to sleep. It was seven minutes past Midnight. I'd failed before I had even started. I decided that what I would just start from then, that would be okay, as long as it was a day it didn't matter what time it started from did it?

When Big Boy woke up, the first technology of the day was thrust in to my path. Big Boy wanted to watch cartoons, so I told him how to turn the TV on and what numbers to push to get to the cartoon channel he wanted. This led to breakfast which meant that I had to use Big Boy's blood monitor, but this is an exception to the no tech rule. My Saturday morning routine, normally has me playing a few games on Facebook, before I check my email and see who's tweeting what. As I was sitting in the den right in front of the PC, I decided to clean the kitchen, and in exchange for Top Ender loading and running the washing machine I did her chore of doing the dishes. It was rather boring without the radio to keep me company but I felt a lot better knowing that at least I wasn't wasting my time on the PC.

I was starting to get a little bored by mid morning, and decided a trip to the library was in order. I persuaded Daddy that he wanted to come with us, mainly so he would drive us, and we set off. It was lovely and peaceful in the library and as I was looking at the books a familiar bird call rang out, I realised that someone in the library was tweeting and it gave me a little pang that I was missing out. A sign of addiction if ever there was one, but as I didn't have my phone with me I didn't join in.

After a near tech free shopping trip for my Mum, Top Ender and I chatted without the background noise of the Radio. Tops asked me some questions about Barbie movies and I said that I'd check when we got back home, but remembered that there was no tech for me until after Midnight... but that's when I gave up. Top Ender had a question that she wanted answered and yes, sure she could have waited until after her dinner to have gone and looked it up for herself but we were enjoying our conversation and wanted to continue it. So when we got in, I searched for the answer to her question and ended my Tech free day.

Thinking over the day, I decided a few things.
  • Yes, I can have a mostly Tech free day. If it had just been not to use the internet for the day for fun then I would have passed with flying colours, I don't have to tweet everyday and I found out that I don't have to use Facebook first thing in the morning either.
  • I don't like silence. I knew that anyway, if I'm not able to have the Radio or TV on in the background then I talk to myself. Talking to myself makes me look crazy. I need the Radio or TV.
  • I'm useless at challenges that involve no tech.

I took a lot from this weekend and understand now that Technology is such a part of my life it's pretty hard to cut it out. Every day I'm searching the web for answers to questions, comparing prices for my weekly shop, putting a load of washing on or making dinner. Some of that technology is fine and dandy (the washing machine for example) and some is even unobtrusive such as my digital camera but when it comes to Social Media, maybe sometimes I do need to take a break and not just because I'm cleaning the house or in the swimming pool.
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