What's For Lunch (W/C 09/02)

Big Boy is doing really well with recognising when his blood sugar are going low, but I'm still aware that the biggest help that I can give him is with the food that he eats. I've been experimenting to see what his blood sugars do with different foods and I'm hoping that I've hit upon the magic formula for him, but with him growing every five minutes I'm sure that it will change before I next publish a blog post. With that in mind here is lunch this week.

Saturday - M&S Sandwiches

One of the things that we used to love to do was to grab a sandwich when we were out and about. This stopped when Daddy was diagnosed as needing a gluten and wheat free diet as there is only so much Salad he can take (I could eat it until it came out my ears!). Then one day we saw that M&S had started doing gluten free sandwiches to take away. GENIUS!

Sunday - Hot Sauce Steak

When we were at Chiquito's the other night we all tried the Hot Sauce. I didn't think it was really that hot, although as you might remember from the pictures it caught Daddy by surprise. We didn't take a picture of the Hot Sauce on the table and so a bit of Googling and looking in the background of pictures we did take, we found out that our local Asda store stocks the brand that Chiquito uses and I was despatched to buy a bottle for this weeks Sandwich. This is really just for Daddy and I, Tops and BB will have just a steak Sandwich as despite my best attempts neither of them like Hot Sauce.

Cholula Hot Sauce

Monday - Pasta and Couscous Chicken Salad

I love Couscous, but as Daddy can't eat it we don't have it at home. This week though that is going to change. I'm going to make a Pasta and Couscous Chicken Salad for the Children to have at School (small amounts of tomato and peppers and onion sneaked in) and I'm going to have a Couscous and vegetable Salad. I'm hoping that I can use the Couscous as a gateway to Quinoa.

Tuesday - Tuna and Sweetcorn Wraps

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It really annoys me that the children don't like Salad, I think that a wrap with Salad and some form of protein is a great lunch and one that I think helps keep you going all afternoon. As the children are still revolting against my attempts to educate them with different Salad leaves and the like I've resorted to hiding the Salad in the protein and will finely chop some salad leaves into the Tuna and Sweetcorn mix.

Wednesday - Ham Rolls

Thanks to Warburtons we have some tasty Half and Half rolls in the bread bin this week. If you know me then you know I prefer Whole wheat products, but the children are less keen and prefer white. I figure that this is the best of both worlds and with some ham a tasty lunch.

Thursday - Valentine Quiche

Do you remember the Star Quiche I made for Top Ender last year? If you remember that then you should guess what I'm doing for the quiche today!

Star Quiche

Friday - Top Ender's Friday Lunch and Big Boy's Too!

The last day before Half Term starts for us so I'm planning some cool lunches for next week at home and almost forgot about this Friday. Luckily though I have a lot of ideas left to choose from and we're going back to the first fun lunch I ever remember making as the basis of inspiration. Tune in on Friday to see what I make!

As normal the children get a portion of fruit or vegetables to have at morning break (Big Boy has his provided by the School and some Milk too) and in their lunch box they will get at least one portion of fruit, a treat and a drink. I'm rather annoyed that I brought some new bottles from Sainsbury's the other day for their lunch boxes and discovered that they leak when on their side. If anyone knows of a great Sports Cap bottle that doesn't leak all over the place and is available in different colours please let me know.

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