What We Are Eating This Week (W/C 16/02)

I think something strange has happened to me... I've lost interest in food. I'm pretty sure this is just a passing phase, but honestly I seem to be in a food funk. It's taken so much effort to plan this coming weeks meals, I'm sure it's a sign of the end of the world or something!

Saturday - Chicken Stir Fry

Even though I'm not interested in food, I do know that a Chicken Stir Fry is lovely, quick and with the amount of vegetables I put in it only works out at about 100 calories a serving. Big Boy will more than likely turn his nose up, so he and Top Ender will have Chicken and Rice Noodles with a little of the stir fried vegetables instead of the masses Daddy and I will have.

Sunday - Slow Cooked Rump Steak Casserole

On Valentines Day we had a lot of Steak left over and Daddy thought it would make a great dinner. I decided we should have it this Sunday, so that everyone could enjoy it as it was really lovely. I'm going to do the casserole in the slow cooker along with, carrots, leeks, red onion, celery, sweet potato, and herbs and my secret extra ingredients (chopped tomatoes and a little honey). Daddy will add roasted potatoes and possibly peas as we do love our peas!

Monday - Meatless Monday Pizza

I'm going to the library tomorrow and getting out as many Vegetarian cookbooks as they have. Maybe that way I'll find something that all my family will enjoy and is a little more inspired.

Pom eating Pizza

Tuesday - Hotpot... but made my way

I'm going to make a Hotpot using Sausages, I know this isn't the real way to make it but I don't care. I'll serve it with sweet potato and swede mash and spring greens.

Wednesday - Jacket Potatoes

Today I have a brilliant Car Clean planned for my lovely car thanks to the Febreze team who should arrive just in time for cake. I thought we'd celebrate by having jacket potatoes and as Daddy will be so impressed with the clean and fresh smelling car he won't complain he has a jacket potato. I might even make the children's look like a car if they are good.

Thursday - Pesto Stuffed Chicken Breast

Do you remember the rude word I put on a guests dinner one night? I won't be doing that tonight. I will be slitting chicken breasts filling with pesto, wrapping in bacon and serving with boiled potatoes and green beans though.

Rude Word Chicken

Friday -   Beef Strips Curry

Daddy requested another curry as he loves curry and says we don't eat enough of it. I disagree, but as he is putting up with me eating stir fry all the time I suppose it is only fair. I'll add extra cream to the Children's portion so that it is milder for them and I'll also serve theirs not with rice but with mashed potato whilst Daddy and I have Bombay potato.

So that's the plan for the week. I've set myself a challenge for March, which I'll let you in on now, and that is to not use the Supermarket, but to use the local market and butchers etc. Daddy thought it was a good idea, but I've no idea if it actually will be so if you have any tips let me know!

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