Grasshoppers For Breakfast

It seems that my focus at the moment is on the morning. Maybe I'm getting revelation to blog more about breakfast because it's the meal I think least about, just focusing on getting through the week, or maybe it's just because I'm being sent lots of things that make me think breakfast! Last week was no exception when I opened a box to find some rather lovely and posh looking porridge from Grasshopper.

Grasshopper Porridge Pots

I love porridge, always have and I guess that I always will and Big Boy is rather fond of it too, although unlike me who likes to add cinnamon or ground almonds or even fruit to her porridge he prefers it plain (and of course no sugar). Top Ender, Big Boy and I decided on a pot of porridge that we thought we'd each like for Breakfast and I set about the complicated task of making the porridge the right consistency for us all.

Grasshopper Porridge Pots

We all loved the flavour that we had picked and as I'm a very fair Mum, I got to taste test the flavours the children had taken and I was really impressed, the porridge tastes as great as the bowls I make. The great thing about Grasshopper (other than the flavours) is the fantastic guide on the side that shows you at what level to put the water into the pot to make it the consistency that you like. We all ate our porridge, and loved the flavours and I was just disappointed that there aren't any stores local to me that stock the pots.

We were sent three pots so we could review them.

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