It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday! Hooray!

Thinking back on this past year, it's been a great year and I think that this holds some great promise for the next year.

PippaD the blogger and luckiest woman on earth

I have a rather fabulous, thoughtful, resourceful, loyal, unassuming, faith filled and handsome husband who not only works hard in his work life, but works hard in his personal life to ensure that he and I have a fabulous life and relationship. He is not only my husband, but my best friend too. His love makes me the best person I can be and for that amazing gift, I'll be forever in his debt. He is without a doubt, the most amazing person to have ever existed on this planet and thankfully, despite my many and varied faults, he thinks the same about me, so I think we're even or possibly both a bit biased.

I have two adorable, humorous, energetic, articulate, compassionate, charming, intelligent and witty children. They are honestly the two things in my life that I am most proud of, and from comments other people have made about them, I believe rightly so. They try so very hard to be the kind of people that they (and I) want them to be and they both love me with the generosity of spirit that means they overlook my faults. They really are the best of their Daddy and I and I can't wait to see what their lives will turn out like.

I have an amazing extended family, they know how to make me laugh, what to say at the right time and I know that they care. It might be that they leave a comment on Facebook, ensure I can stalk them properly by taking lots of pictures and putting them on Twitter and Instagram and various other places that we electronically hang out together. We know that we might not spend every waking hour together, that we might only see each other at the Holidays but we're still family.

I have brilliant friends who smile and text and phone and write and send Whatsapp and FB messages and we are there when we need each other. My friendships might look unorthodox to some, heck they did to me for several years but I know now this is how me and my friends are. In the background, supporting, loving and ready for action.

So, at the start of this next year of my life I'm ready.