My Clever And Smart And Adorable And Funny And Talented And Beautiful Daughter

Like every parent in the world, I know that my children are the most funniest, smartest, adorable children in the world. Unlike every parent in the world, I know that this might not actually be strictly true. I mean sure they will have their moments, but at times they will probably not be the funniest, smartest or most adorable children in the world, but because I'm their Mother I won't see it like that. To me they will always be the funniest, smartest and most adorable children in the world; they take after me after all!

Top Ender and Big Boy - my two favourite children ever

Other people tell me that the children are great, but I can't believe that. For example, take the Children's teachers, if you are friends with Teachers, then when they say something complimentary about your child, you kind of don't believe them. There are two teachers who, if say anything to me about Tops being smart, I'd wave it off, a sort of "Of course you'd think that, we're friends".

And then Top Ender comes home and tells me she took all the level six SAT's exams and I think, well I know the Maths one was because she is good at Maths, the others must have been because they entered all the children who obtained a certain score in the year, because whilst yes my daughter is funny and smart and clever I think that because she's my daughter.

And then the new School that Top Ender will be going to this coming September writes to me and tells me that my daughter has been identified as being one of the able, gifted and talented and so they'd like to invite her for a special induction day of able, gifted and talented children so that they'll find it easier to settle in when they move to their new School at the start of the new School term.

And suddenly it hit me.

My daughter is that smart and clever.

My daughter is pretty much the most amazing person in the entire world and I almost didn't see it because I was so busy thinking I was biased when really I wasn't. In fact I wasn't really seeing my daughter at all, because I was so busy thinking that my daughter was only special to me because she is my daughter.

And I think back at the comments all the teachers have made to me over the years about how wonderful and clever Top Ender is. I think back to my friends who are teachers who absolutely adore Top Ender, who have made nice comments over the years and I realise that they aren't just saying it because they adore her. They are saying it because they see my daughter is special.

They see my daughter.

They see her.

And now I see her too.

Top Ender is adorable

My clever and smart and adorable and funny and talented and beautiful daughter.