Happy Families #Review

A few weekends ago, I taught Dan Jon Jr how to play Happy Families. I'm not sure who taught me to play, but I suspect it was my Grandparents as they taught my Sister and I several card games and a few other parlour games to keep us amused at various family functions and when we went down the pub! Anyway, Dan Jon Jr and I had an amusing time playing together and he got really into the game developing a strategy almost straight away and was good enough to beat me!

Happy Families redesigned for people called Wright!

It was with great delight later that week that we were asked if we would like to review a personalised Happy Families card game. Personalised as in the Happy Families in the pack would be various different Wright Families, our family name! Knowing how much Dan Jon Jr had loved the game without having his family name of the cards I figured he would LOVE the game with our family name on the cards, but asked him what he thought and if he would like to help me do a review. My instincts were right, he wanted to review the cards.

Go Fish redesigned for people called Wright!

Dan Jon and I suggested to the rest of the family that we could play a game or two one Saturday afternoon and even agreed that we would teach them how to play before starting our first hand proper. A quick explanation and we were soon sat together in the sun enjoying our game.

Flyfour playing Happy Families

Everyone loved the cards and the various situations that the different Wright families found themselves in. We all had our favourites, be it at the Theme park, Christmas, Easter, being with a toddler, or a teenager and some of them were scarily accurate at what life is like being a Wright! My personal favourite that I managed to get hold of whilst playing was The Wright Family playing Happy Families!

My own inception moment, The Wright Family playing Happy Families

Whilst we played we all came up with some ideas of what we could draw to personalise the last set of cards which have been left black intentionally for you and your family to design. We've each had an idea, so we're going to take a family vote (or possibly leave it to our social media channels to decide for us!) and then we just need to find someone who has the skills to draw what we want our cards to look like, or I might just photoshop some photographs of us and make them look like they are hand drawn!

Information about the blank cards

Top Ender loved that the cards also can be used to play Go Fish too as she has several American friends and they play Go Fish (it's only slightly different to Happy Families) and even better she was happy that that the cards come with instructions on how to play both Happy Families and Go Fish, as I'm pretty sure she thought I was cheating as she kept referring to the card to make sure I wasn't!

Top Ender looking serious whilst playing Happy Families

Flyfour was quite taken with the game too, not just because nobody stormed off throwing the cards down in a huff but because he said that the cards were great fun and whilst he didn't remember playing the game as a child, nor the 1980's BBC TV show loosely based on the characters, he could see us gifting sets to various friends and family members for Birthdays, Anniversaries or even Christmas!

We have played with the cards several times now and each of us is still as delighted every time we find a set that we haven't had before, or a set that depicts our favourite season or us in a flattering light!

The Cards are £6.99 and available from Go For It Games. They have other surnames, first names and even birthday cards available if you're interested!

We received the cards as a review item. All opinions however are my own (or of my family) and I'm fairly certain that these cards are the best game we have in the house.