What We Are Eating W/C 4th June 2016

Half term has been a great but quick week. Seriously, I blinked and the week was over. I think that because Flyfour was off at the start of the week and we had a day out with family and a day of medical appointments that our last day of the holiday (where we planned not to get dressed etc) just came round way too fast.

Anyway, with the Children at home they helped me work out what was in the cupboards, freezer and fridge and we made a meal plan based around that!

Top Ender and Big Boy before half term started.

Saturday - Burgers

Top Ender has decided that this month she would like to do a full fast. For anyone who doesn't know, a full fast for us as Latter Day Saints is twenty four hours or two meals. So Tops and I will eat at lunch and then that's it until lunch the next day.

Flyfour and Dan Jon Jr however will have Burgers for their evening meal. I might take Tops out for a walk as I know how hard it can be to be around others when they are eating and you aren't.

Sunday - Fish and Chips

Tops and I are off out tonight to a special devotional, so we're eating Fish and Chips at lunchtime. Plus, this means Daddy has to deal with the gluten free batter and I don't and so everything is good on my end of things!

Meatless Monday - Veggie Fingers

I was thinking that we would have Meatless Sausages tonight and have Sausage Pie, as Daddy is out seeing/listening to RHLSTP (RHLSTP!) but then I thought I really don't fancy that but I do fancy Veggie Finger Sandwiches.

If I fancy them come Monday night is another question altogether.

Tuesday - Gammon and Pineapple Stir fry

I was trying to think of what I could do for our evening meal tonight and decided on a Diabetes UK website recipe of a Gammon and Pineapple stir fry.

I think it'll be TASTY!

Wednesday - Carb Free Meal

So Dan Jon Jr will not be happy, but I do not care. We need a carb free meal so I can check that the changes I made to his overnight basal rates are right.

I'm thinking either some kind of home made Meatballs or Meatloaf or possibly even eggs (Dan Jon Jr HATES eggs when we're eating Carb free) and bacon or even fish and salad.

Tuna and Salad

I'm just wanting anything that will make us all feel full and happy.

Thursday - Sandwiches

Dan Jon Jr has a camp skills activity tonight and the last time they did this they ate food. So we're going to have sandwiches and then if we need anything later we'll have supper of toast.

Friday - Shepherd's Pie

I love a Shepherd's Pie. They are easy to make, they taste amazing, they have everything you could need in a meal in just one easy serve container and to top it all off both Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr love it too!

Shepherd's Pie in all it's glory!

So that's what we are eating this week, how about you?