What We Are Eating W/C 11th June 2016

I can't believe that it is Saturday already. I mean, I know it comes round once a week and all, but this past week seems to have gone by so fast! Hopefully the next few weeks will be just as fast and we'll be celebrating the end of School and the start of Summer REALLY REALLY soon!

Top Ender and Dan Jon Jr on the beach

Saturday - Meal Out

Yummy yummy yummy, but I have no idea where. I did ask Twitter, but nobody was helpful so I'm just going to stick a pin in a map and go there.

Sunday - Salmon

After having asked Facebook for some ideas for Family meals I had plenty to think about. By the time the Children and I picked up Flyfour from the train station, I still hadn't decided. In fact even whilst walking around Sainsbury's (we'd gone for a shufti at the Gluten free items) I was stuck with what to plan.

Then I saw a sign that suggested wrapping cod in parma ham.

Remembering back to our month of fish, I thought it would be perfect for our Sunday meal, but then my Mum got me some Salmon which I thought I would go with a side dish of Courgettes and Rosemary that Flyfour made during the week this week and hopefully this time a little Parmesan!

We're also having some new potatoes and I'd like another vegetable but I can't think of anything so I'm going to wander the fresh vegetables and see if anything exotic catches my eye.

Meatless Monday - Vegetable Fingers

The Children and I were chatting this week about our next monthly meal challenge and both of them at the same moment came up with the same idea, lets start on a Monday eating Vegan and then build it up to a week in the late Summer/early Autumn.

They aren't sure that we could cope with a month of no meat, and I certainly couldn't as I get a rash if I don't eat meat on a semi regular basis (It's related to a protein deficiency, and why I was so itchy when I was a Vegetarian!).

Anyway, this is a Vegan meal...

Tuesday - Fish Pasta

It's a quick meal tonight as I was out all afternoon and then Top Ender is out this evening, so we thought we'd have Fish Pasta as it's quick, tasty and healthy!

Wednesday - A Special Family Meal

I'm going to be home all day today, so I thought I'd do something a bit special and I asked the family what they wanted and because we weren't sure what time Flyfour would get home we decided to have something without him.

So, we decided we'd decide come Wednesday and I could walk into town to get any ingredients we might be missing!

Thursday - Sandwiches

Yup, Sandwiches because we're quick on a Thursday night because of Beavers.

Friday - Shepherd's Pie

Mainly because we didn't get to eat it last week and I really fancy it still!

So that's what is happening with regards to what we are eating this week, what are you eating this week?