Genius Mind-Melding!

Flyfour and I have got to the genius mind-melding point in our relationship, where one of us starts to verbalise a thought and the other knows where it is going almost immediately. It's not that we're psychic (although I really am), but more the sort of situation where we have grown so close over the last twenty-one years of knowing each other, that we're symbiotic!

PippaD and Flyfour

An example of this is earlier this year, I suggested to Flyfour that he and I might like to get up early one Saturday a month and go out for an early morning walk and develop our photography skills. To which Flyfour replied, he'd been thinking similar and had purchased a second-hand camera he'd seen which was identical to his (which was rather expensive) for me to use, so we could share lenses and he had thought it would be nice for us to develop our skills, plus it has a really great video function that he thought I'd be interested in for making a few vlogs.

Neither of us had discussed this with the other prior to me bring it up and yet we had hit upon exactly the same idea.

Flyfour and I are lucky. We have interests that we both share, we both have interests that the other doesn't share but is very supportive of and we have interests that the other pretends to only tolerate but actually really enjoys.

Yes, with that last one I am referring to my love of Christmas movies that Flyfour "pretends" not to watch with me, but I see him watching! The man is a fan of the Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas Movie Marathons as much as my best friend (the one I'm not married to!) and I am.

With the start of lockdown coming not too long after we suggested the development of our photography skills, we didn't get around to going walking in different areas and taking photographs. We have decided however that we need to make it a goal for 2021 (ooh maybe Develop can be our word for the year!) and we have plenty of other plans that we're both bringing up on our walks, and then sort of not surprised that we've both thinking about the same thing!

I feel that 2021 will be a year of big changes for everyone here at A Mother's Ramblings HQ!