What We're Eating W/C 7th November 2020

I thought I sounded a bit down last Saturday reading back, and yes I was a little but I reminded myself that there is no point in focusing on the negatives and so made sure to think of ten great things each day that I have achieved, or I am thankful for in order to keep myself not being sad about my leg!

It's worked! I'm a lot more upbeat and after a few nights off and a few short walks, my muscle is repaired! Hoorah! Now, I have the new problem that yesterday I got drunk on sugar and emailed some work colleagues... yup they read the emails and responded. I feel I may need to avoid work for a while. Like I'm looking for a new job now kind of avoid!

Who am I kidding? I love my job, I'll just have to learn to live with the jokes that are going to come at my expense. Luckily it's not the most embarrassing thing I've ever done!

PippaD being her normal wacky self

Saturday - Nachos

We purchased a massive bag of nachos from Costco, that will take us a month to eat, so we're making the most of them and eating them in everything!

Tonight we're having a plate of Nachos with all the toppings and I can't wait!

Sunday - Shepherd's Pie

I think this is one of the best dishes that Flyfour makes, and I'm going to get him to make a second for the freezer so that we have it ready just in case we feel like having it again in the next week, instead of one of the other meals we have planned.

Monday - Chicken Burgers and Chips

I'm undecided if I'll batter the chicken or if I'll just marinate the chicken in sauce and bake. Either way, I'll serve in some lovely Brioche buns, with a little lettuce and tomato and a side of chips and a small side salad to keep me happy or baked beans to keep others (Top Ender!) happy.

Tuesday - Tuna Pasta Bake

I was trying to think of something that was stodgy as I'm really wanting comfort food at the moment, and I think that stodgy is a foundation of comfort food! I'm making a Tuna Pasta Bake, with extra vegetables hidden inside, probably some sweetcorn, tomatoes and spinach but maybe some broccoli instead! It all depends on how I feel on the night!

Wednesday - Pizza

Dan Jon had to make Pizza for his homework the other week, and it was lovely but not quite how we like it. Tonight I'm going to teach him how I make pizza and we'll see if it is a "nicer" version or not. I bagsy mushroom, peppers, red onion and sweetcorn on mine!

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes

We thought that Jacket Potatoes would be lovely, with toppings of almost every kind available. We figure that Baked Beans, cheese, tuna and maybe coleslaw will be popular choices this evening.

Friday - Fish Pie

Everyone is going to complain about tonight. I'm going to complain because I have to cook, Top Ender and Flyfour are going to complain because it's fish pie, Dan Jon is going to complain because he doesn't like being left out.

Maybe everyone will shut up when they are eating. I doubt it, however.

So that's what we're eating this week. How about you?