Last Christmas and New Year's Eve

Everything the A Mother's Ramblings family did last year over Christmas and the following New Years period was a little untraditional for us.

We didn't decorate outside our home with lights. much to the disgust of one of our young neighbours.

We didn't leave anything out for Santa, like Cookies and Milk and a carrot for the reindeer and yet he still came.

We didn't worry too much about remembering to move the Elves every day, but they still moved and got into trouble.

We didn't have our traditional Christmas Chinese and I'm still a little sore about it, but it wasn't too bad really.

We cheated a little with the way we prepared our Christmas dinner, but it still tasted just as great as it always has.

We didn't decorate our tree with as many baubles and trinkets as we normally do.

We didn't have our traditional New Year's Eve meal, mainly because I was busy feeling like death on the sofa.

We didn't do the things we normally do on New Year's day or even our new tradition either. I was busy filming my contribution to a documentary (I know! I better sound smart and look pretty if this is something people all over the world might watch!) and of course feeling like I had just recovered from death.

Christmas and New Year were different last year compared to what we are used to.

It didn't hurt to change our traditions, it didn't take away from the family time or the happiness, or take away the magic of the season.

I guess what I'm saying is, that seeing as we are coming up to the sometimes stress-inducing Christmas and New Year period again and none of us really having any clue if we'll still be in Lockdown or not, I want to remind you all that it's okay to change things. It's okay if things aren't the same as always. It's okay if you decide to trim back some of the things that you think are required of you to do.

Remember the focus of this period should be family, should be happiness and joy. Forget about the things we can't do and focus on the things we can.

Go for a family walk and return home to crumpets and hot chocolate? Yes, please!
Watching a Christmas movie for the 100th time or for the very first time? Yes, please!
Making cookies and decorating them together? Yes, please!
Eating a tonne of mince pies, just because you can? Yes, please!
Singing Christmas Carols together? Yes, please!
Writing a long letter to the long-distance family to put in a Christmas card? Yes, please!
Wearing Christmas jumpers? Yes, please!
Sitting in the quiet watching the twinkly fairy lights? Yes, please!
Watching the sky to see Santa fly across? Yes, please!
Bribing your friend with a Santa suit (if you live local we are that friend) to walk across your lawn so your children can see Santa? Yes, please!
Having a friendly competition with the neighbours with your outdoor lights? Yes, please!
Learning about other counties Christmas traditions? Yes, please!
Playing silly parlour games? Yes, please!
Having Zoom parties? Yes, please!
Walking around your local neighbourhood to look at the lights? Yes, please!
Watching ALL the Christmas specials of your favourite TV Shows? Yes, please!
Hand making Christmas cards? Yes, please!
Checking on your neighbours to make sure they are okay? Yes, please!
Reading all the Christmas books you have? Yes, please!
Trying to write your own Christmas hit? Yes, please!

I'm actually off to try and do that last one now. Who knows maybe next Christmas you'll hear my dulcet tones blasting over the airwaves!